The Republican Party is at odds about whether or not Mark Olson deserves support after his endorsement by Senate District 16. While most able minded individuals would have little internal struggle over supporting or shunning a convicted abuser, Republicans are having a difficult time on the support vs. shun question.

In order to continue his meme of attack on Al Franken, Michael Brodkorb decided to throw Olson under the bus early last week. He urged the Senate Republican Caucus to join him in shunning a locally endorsed candidate. Hearing that order from on high, the caucus took the appropriate action and told voters in Senate District 16 that their endorsed candidate was undesirable and would not be welcome within the party. In addition to that, Norm Coleman took the unusual step of taking the wheel of the bus Olson had been thrown under and backing it up to make sure that he and Brodkorb were cleared of any charges of hypocrisy and could resume their attacks on what a person writes and jokes about.

You might think that these actions would make it clear that the vast majority of Republicans do not support the election of a convicted abuser but you would be wrong. First, the Republican Party has already stated that it is a party of local control and refused to denounce the actions taken by Senate District 16.

"We are a party of local control, and the Senate District 16 Republicans have endorsed Mark Olson, and we respect that decision," said Minnesota Republican Party communications director Gina Countryman.

Second, Olson supporters are fighting back through letter writing campaigns and the blogosphere to explain away the abuse and express outrage that outsiders in their own party would interfere with an endorsement that saw Olson garner 90+ votes (well over the two-thirds needed).

Finally, Jason Lewis took some time out of his show to devote to slamming Brodkorb and others who he deemed "elitist party hacks" (h/t to Dump Mark Olson) for jumping in to a local election. During the show, to further confuse the issue, 6th District Republican Chair, Mark Swanson called in and refused to denounce the candidate or the endorsement. So, as of right now you have the local and state party at odds with the Senate Caucus, Coleman, and Brodkorb.

The support vs. shun question remains unchanged for Republicans despite the best efforts of Brodkorb, Coleman, and the Senate Republican Caucus. However, the Great Divide asks a pertinent question: Don't Wackos Deserve Representation, Too?

In polling news, Mark Olson is currently leading Alison Krueger 55% to 45% on the primary election question. Olson supporters appear to be coming out in droves to support the man and his actions. You can continue voting on this and the two general election polls located at the top of the left sidebar.

All of this infighting and controversy leads one to ponder what the chances are of a DFL takeover in Senate District 16.


4 responses to "Jason Lewis: Elitist Party Hacks Threw Olson Under The Bus..."

  1. Aaron On August 17, 2008 at 11:31 PM

    Fantastic post. I had a similar post on MNpublius a few hours later... I wish I would have read yours first - I prefer yours.

    I think the split that is occurring within the MNGOP on this issue is something that'll be a bigger issue when more people realize what's happening.

  2. Avidor On August 18, 2008 at 7:45 AM

    I agree. Excellent post,

    I hope the next time the MSN wants info and opinion on what is happening in the 6th District, they go to this and other blogs in the 6th District.

  3. Rich G. On August 18, 2008 at 10:58 AM

    Don't you mean 16?

  4. Avidor On August 19, 2008 at 12:18 PM

    No, the 6th CD. SD 16 is in the 6th CD.