In my absence this last week, the Republican Party in Senate District 16 chose to endorse our good friend, Mark Olson. Despite his bible throwing, his autistic child harassing, and his spousal shoving, they chose him anyway. No longer can the party in that area claim to be the party of family values as the last time I checked, these were far from the family values I or anyone else I know were taught in church or by our parents.

That being said, I knew full well that they were going to do this as the word on the street was that it was owed to Mr. Olson after not endorsing him for the 16B position. So, in honor of our newly endorsed "family values" candidate, I bring you "I Can't Quit You Baby" by Otis Rush:

Over at the Sherburne Citizen, there is another glowing Olson letter:

This letter is to address concerns from Jennifer Edwards' news article on July 19, 2008. Newspapers and their advertisers provide an important service to our communities and should be appreciated. Ms. Edwards' article however looks more like an editorial and appears slanderous towards Rep. Olson. It does not reflect well on this paper nor the advertisers who support it.

Slanderous? I am pretty sure it isn't slanderous to tell the truth about someone but I will check into that. This is simply the blinders nature of Republicans in the area. They will make every excuse in the world to cover for God's Representative.

Repeating negative and exploited events as supposed news without even allowing that person to respond in the article might fit the agenda behind this newspaper. It may even be construed as your right of free speech. It is however difficult to accept as newsworthy and a service to our community.

The only negative reported in the article referenced here was to repeat that Olson was convicted for domestic abuse. If this writer doesn't believe that the domestic abuse conviction of an elected official is newsworthy, then I have to wonder what in the world is newsworthy? Or, could it be that it isn't newsworthy simply because it shines a light on her chosen one?

Then there's Alison Krueger's remark in the article on July 26, 2008, about as a woman she could not support Mark Olson for State Senate. This was one of her reasons for running. This is very disturbing to me.

Well, Ms. Krueger, as a woman, Mark is the only candidate I would support because he knows the issues and has an excellent voting record. There isn't anything that has happened to diminish Mark's qualifications and ability to serve. (Emphasis Mine)

Nothing? Apparently, domestic abuse convictions are irrelevant now. That is precisely what the Republican Party in Senate District 16 and anyone who votes for Olson will be saying come November if this man is allowed to win.

I first met Mark about the time I was doing an intensive study of Outcome-Based-Education. Being a teacher, I had great interest in this. I ran for school board and Mark was running for the Legislature with the same goal of trying to keep our education system the way it should be.

OBE and all that followed: Profile of Learning, School to Work, No Child Left Behind, etc... have effectively and significantly reduced the quality of our educational system. Education is a foundation of our freedom. You can't control the people if they have knowledge.

I trust Mark completely with the issues because I know he studies to find the truth. Mark is the only politician I know who hasn't sold his soul for political contributions nor does what is politically correct just to get elected. We need Mark at this time in history, with the impending depression, uncontrolled spending, and wars and rumors of wars.

Dawn Carlson

Monticello, MN

I would be interested to learn what Ms. Carlson is or was "teaching" as it appears as though she is readily able to accept domestic abuse and what I have long claimed was an example of child abuse for the sake of ideology. What would this woman have us teach our children and more specifically, our daughters, about abuse?

You can go check out Blue Man for more coverage of the absolute lunacy of District 16 Republicans and of the Republican Party of Minnesota.


1 Response to "District 16 Republicans: "I Wish I Knew How To Quit You""

  1. taxpaying liberal On August 12, 2008 at 1:43 PM

    Welcome back dude!

    It never fails to amaze me that people seem to forget that at one time we (Minnesota) was rated the best education system in the country. We enjoyed high paying jobs and a great University system.

    Then Mark and the tax payers league and likeminded folks decided to tinker and today we have half (over 1000) schools failing to meet NCLB standards. We could say it was to reduce our taxes but that turned out not to be the case.

    Forget about the fact that Olson is against any funding of public schools, If only they applied the same standards of progress against themselves that they want to apply to children would we not give them an “F”.

    But what do you expect from a one term vo- tec drop out who thinks Tobacco does not cause cancer, CO2 is not one of the causes of green house gas, Water can cure diabetes and mental illness, the problem with our crime rate is that not enough people have guns and are willing to use them and has said all of these things on the House floor where he was regularly packing heat.

    Forget about the fact that a man who knows that the earth is only 4000 years old is setting standards for science teaching in our schools.

    The Northstar may be coming to Big Lake but because of Mark we will be able to pay millions more for it due to the many delays he headed.

    Parks, Schools, Roads, Bridges, police, fire departments, Mark hates them all and never fails to vote against their funding, sighting the founding fathers and Ben Franklin whenever possible.

    Mark needs the taxpayer funded health care. He’s listed as a carpenter but his real job is politician. It’s where his retirement will come from, 1st from the nice taxpayer pension he will receive from the House, then from Social Security both of which he decries as socialism on his way to the bank.

    Taxpayer funded Health care is a subject Olson is firmly against, unless of course it applies to him. For 18 years we the taxpayers have paid Olson and provided for his health care and retirement. Indeed the amount we have paid exceeds $500,000. In return Olson has pioneered the exclusion of wedding bands under $500 from bankruptcy holding and “the heritage preservation act” for history teachers. If you have never heard of the former you’re not alone as not a single teacher I’ve ever spoken to has heard of it either.

    What is truly amazing is that these same Republicans who deemed Mark un-electable in his home town just a few months ago during the House endorsement convention, now see him as the clear choice for an even larger Senate district.

    If Mark gets elected then the Democrats may as well pack it up and go home. Because Mark is the worst legislator in the last 20 years with a record that anyone would be ashamed of unless you’re from Sherburne County.