There is an excellent LTE in the Sherburne Citizen posted yesterday. It takes Mark Olson to task and essentially portrays him as someone who is running for office simply because he needs a job and the health care benefits that go along with that job. It is ironic that the man who so vehemently hates government is trying so desperately to stay in that government.

Check it out:

The Aug. 2 letter from Mark Olson displays no remorse for his past behavior. He blames others by saying that he is the victim of "misinformation and politically malicious lies".

He judges others but is incapable of self judgment. He wants to convince us, as he has convinced his wife, that his re-election is "so important" that he must run. He sees his "eight victorious elections" as a sign of God's support. History proves that political success is not a sign of righteousness. Marks self love has led to the false pride, arrogance and ambition that will eventually undo his political career. He needs private, not public redemption.

Mark is a carpenter who, as a legislator, has participated in creating an economy in which it is difficult for a carpenter to find enough work to support a family. This, I believe, is the real driver behind Mark's need to run.

A legislator receives excellent pay for the hours worked and high quality health care and retirement benefits all paid for by the taxes that Mark claims he doesn't like. The job doesn't need Mark, Mark needs the job.

There are other good people running for this position that are more deserving.

Ron Thiessen

Becker, Mn

Infrequent contributor to this blog, Taxpaying Liberal, made this comment about the Thiessen LTE:

The Republicans have been accusing the Democrats of exploiting Marks legal problems and until now that was a weak case as Democrats have not commented on the internal problems of the Republican Party inSD16.

Now they can point to letters like this one and unite their party against the Democrats.

Thank God this guy steps up and writes a letter that may end the internal Republican fighting and unite their party.

The author is a director of the Sherburne Co DFL which makes this letter even worse. Instead of sticking to facts and sighting quotes from Olson, he plays DR. Phil and wildly speculates about Olson’s motives for running.

This is a text book example of how not to win votes and influence people. A 100% negative letter against a candidate never works with undecided voters or swing voters. It may make the base happy but they were already with you.

Let’s hope in the future both sides will speak for a candidate instead of confining themselves to being wholly negative.

While weighing in on the infighting between Krueger supporters and Olson supporters, this blog has also tried to inject positive press for the DFL candidate in this race. This blog, while liberal in nature is by no means beholden to the DFL or its candidates and if those candidates or their surrogates screw up I will be more than willing to report that. That being said, is this a strategic blunder by Thiessen and the Democratic Party in SD16? Is it a strategic blunder for Democrats to weigh in at all on this situation? You be the judge...

In primary polling news, Krueger supporters have swung the numbers back in her favor and she is now leading Mark Olson 54% to 46%. I will keep this poll open for another few days so that we can get more respondents. If you live in Senate District 16, and have not yet taken the polls, you can click on them in the top left sidebar. Comments on the state of this race are welcomed and for other coverage I would encourage people to stay tuned to myself, Lloydletta's Nooz, Dump Mark Olson, Blue Man, MNPublius, and what appears to be the Mark Olson Defense Team blog. Oh, and if you want to find some strategic outrage you can visit the Brodkorb blog.


4 responses to "Sherburne Citizen LTE: Mark Needs A Job... (Updated)"

  1. Chris Kumpula On August 19, 2008 at 11:21 PM

    I note that the outcome of your poll will substantiate very little. The demographics of your readership and the people following this story may not reflect accurately at all on actual support out there.

    I don't mean to suggest you don't know that, but I am noting it nonetheless. Great idea to do this poll.

  2. Chris Kumpula On August 20, 2008 at 12:44 AM

    I laughed quite hard when I saw the list of blogs at the end of this article. I clicked on the Mark Olson Defense Team to find out who on earth they were, only to find it linked back to my blog! That was quite witty of you.

    No, I am not his "defense team." I just started my blog because of the outrageous reaction of the Senate Republican Caucus to our SD16 Endorsing Convention. It's what caused me to write, so yeah, for now, that is what it is going to be about. I certainly do plan on expanding to other issues soon once this cools down. My sentiments on my blog are shared by a lot of Republicans. I felt I needed to defend the decision of the process and the folks who took time and effort to participate and let their concerns and will be known.

    Again, very funny!

  3. Karl On August 20, 2008 at 5:24 PM

    Mark Olson running for office because he needs a job reminds me of that other great anti-gummint mentor of Olson's--Michele Bachmann. For all Bachmann's railing against Big Gummint, it's mindful to remember that Michele Bachmann has never held a professional job in the private sector. Tax collector for the IRS (federal paycheck), state senator (state paycheck) and now congresswoman (back at the federal trough). And let's not forget Michele's federal farm subsidy checks that she's been cashing to the tune of over $250,000 since 1995.

  4. taxpaying liberal On August 20, 2008 at 6:31 PM


    That's nothing. wait till you see the fight she puts up in 2012 when we lose the 6th congressional district due to redistricting. She may even volenteer to be a census taker.