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For over a year now I have been able to grow this site with the help of several friends from a personal log of grievances to one that is relatively well known within my local area. In fact, I even have a Republican Tracker in the form of Gary Gross. A success? I would like to think so. While I would love to continue the pace of my writing and activism, it simply will not be possible during the coming school year.

So, in an attempt to further the success of this blog, I am extending an invitation to those interested in having their voice heard. If you would like to join me in writing about politics in Minnesota from the State Legislature all the way up to the White House, please send me an email at (political_muse@hotmail.com). My ultimate goal is to have writers from each of the eight Congressional Districts in Minnesota writing about the issues and candidates within those districts. However, at this point I would consider anyone who would like to join.

Obviously, in order to join with me you must be a Democrat/Progressive/Liberal but that does not mean you have to be in any way shape or form beholden to the Democratic Party. I will not dictate to you what you can or should be writing about. All I ask is that you contribute several posts per week of your choosing. There is no pay involved as George Soros continues to ignore my calls. However, I may on occasion provide you with a Bushesque "Heckuva Job".

So, if you are interested in writing for Liberal in the Land of Conservative, then please email me with an example of your writing as well as a brief statement about why you are interested in writing for this blog. If you are selected, I will send you an email so that we can set up a meeting, define your role, and set you up on the blog.


3 responses to "Interested In Politics, Interested In Writing, JOIN ME..."

  1. Ollie Ox On August 5, 2008 at 6:15 AM

    Soros won't take your calls, either? Shucks, Blueman Hal and I thought we were the only ones.

    Good luck with the recruitment.

  2. lloydletta On August 7, 2008 at 10:08 PM

    Totally agree. Good luck with recruiting people.

  3. eric zaetsch On August 10, 2008 at 9:09 AM

    lloydletta has kept it going by being able to have help. She and Ken have been heroic.

    Good luck with it.

    One thing, it probably will lead to diversity on the site. Blueman Hal now is talking about Barkley. I cannot support Tinklenberg. Truscott has joined the Barkley effort. TwoPutt Tommy and I favor Franken, strongly.

    Madia and Sarvi, there's consensus.

    May each win.

    When you get help, it likely will want to be independent help that way - picking and choosing.

    My view - it is better for the DFL to have this kind of unrest. It goads the party bosses to rise above themselves, next time.

    It is not like some GOP sorts who dubbed Ramstad a RINO. But there are similarities.

    My viewpoint - I don't like the IP choices; others do. And pro-choice vs anti-choice is always an issue. And I know Obama has spoken against exploitation of the revolving door, wanting his party to be principled and against it.

    Bless all who have their separate views. It makes things more interesting.

    Lord Faris paid the filing fee. She has the right to a primary contest. She is not a pariah for exercising a right of citizenship, not in my view.

    Aubrey Immelman, same story. He has focused on issues - a differing conservatism than Bachmann touts and uses - and he's got a brain.

    That is my favorite primary, although I fear Immelman will not be on the November ballot. It would be great for the Sixth District if he were to gain a primary victory.