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My LTE appears in the St. Cloud Times today:
Dear Michele Bachmann,

Over the past few months I have watched intently as you have attended forums in Washington DC and Texas while coming home to the 6th District only to ride atop floats in a number of parades. I have watched as you make appearances on national television shows such as Bill O'Reilly and Larry King while coming home to the 6th District only for river cruise fundraisers involving a select few individuals. I have watched as you avoid and ignore offers to debate or discuss issues from your opponent. I have watched as you avoided Farmfest and opted to send low level staffers in your place.

My question, Mrs. Bachmann, is what will it take for you to pay attention to the people of your district? It seems even in an election year and at the height of election season you are displaying an attitude of ownership over this area and thus feel no need to be in personal contact with the people living here. Granted, you and I don't agree on much and I support Elwyn Tinklenberg but how can you and more importantly, how can your supporters justify a 20 month tenure in office with nary a single open forum or constituent meeting in the district? Are you simply too busy? If so, perhaps you could talk to Tim Walz in the 1st District and ask him how he juggles three times more committees than you and has still found time to meet on numerous occasions and in numerous places with his constituents.

This is a reliably conservative area and the chances for ANY Democrat to win it are long but I have to wonder if you aren't taking advantage of that conservatism by assuming you don't even have to show up to win.

This, I believe, should be the primary focus of the Tinklenberg Campaign. Bachmann has been notably absent from the district for quite some time now and has spent an exorbitant amount of time running a national campaign for a local House district. If constituents continue to support a representative who has little time for the very people she represents, then they probably deserve to be ignored.

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  1. Jeff Rosenberg On September 18, 2008 at 1:37 PM


    Another point very much related to this: she stayed in Washington for a month, in an empty House chamber, rather than coming home and meeting with constituents. The August break wasn't a "vacation," it was an opportunity for Representatives to take the pulse of their districts. But she was clearly not interested.