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On this day, of all days, Jeff Rosenberg has put out a call to take ONE day off from the ludicrous character assassination politics. In honor of this day, I repost (which I notice was also filled with those willing to ignore any sense of decency) my own 9/11 story:

I was a young student teacher preparing for another day at Middle School in northern Minnesota. Another teacher, I cannot remember who, came into the room to inform us that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. The thought of terrorism far from our minds we wondered what tragic accident could have caused such an event. As the day began, word came to us that a second plane had run into the second tower. Obviously, this was no longer a tragic accident, but a horrendous act of barbarity by men without conscience. So many thoughts ran through my head that day as we tried to make the children's school day as normal as it possibly could be. From rage and the hopes of revenge to worry about the effects it would have on my students, I ran the gamut of emotions and reactions to the amazing event.

From TIME Quote of the Day: