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On the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday, both Tim Walz and Keith Ellison stood in favor of a compromise bill that softened the hard stance some Democrats have taken on offshore drilling but added significant investment in renewable energy. Predictably, the same Republicans who had a snit fit during the August recess demanding the House come back in session also had a snit fit demanding everything they wanted or they were prepared to shut down the chamber.

Our very own Michele Bachmann, who has been touting an 'All of the Above' strategy revised that in support of a 'My way or the highway' strategy.

Keith Ellison:

Tim Walz:

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1 Response to "MNMuseTube: Walz & Ellison On Energy Policy"

  1. Gary Gross On September 19, 2008 at 6:39 PM

    This is laughable. Pelosi's Democrats have brought up one energy bill after another without allowing House Republicans the opportunity of offering amendments but it's Republicans that are taking a my way of the highway approach?

    Asa I posted here, Speaker Pelosi said that the bill wasn't about offering incentives to drill.