Recently, Michele Bachmann was in attendance at the Values Voters Summit. I have to wonder if these are the values she is endorsing:

On sale at the event were waffles depicting an Aunt Jemima like image of Barack Obama as well as images depicting him as a Muslim.
From the AP:

Activists at a conservative political forum snapped up boxes of waffle mix depicting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama as a racial stereotype on its front and wearing Arab-like headdress on its top flap.

While Obama Waffles takes aim at Obama's politics by poking fun at his public remarks and positions on issues, it also plays off the old image of the pancake-mix icon Aunt Jemima, which has been widely criticized as a demeaning stereotype. Obama is portrayed with popping eyes and big, thick lips as he stares at a plate of waffles and smiles broadly.

Placing Obama in Arab-like headdress recalls the false rumor that he is a follower of Islam, though he is actually a Christian.

On the back of the box, Obama is depicted in stereotypical Mexican dress, including a sombrero, above a recipe for "Open Border Fiesta Waffles" that says it can serve "4 or more illegal aliens." The recipe includes a tip: "While waiting for these zesty treats to invade your home, why not learn a foreign language?"

It is interesting that the sellers of this merchandise try to use the "it's political satire" line when we all know that here in Minnesota, political satire is fair game for attacks. So, Did Michele Bachmann or anyone associated with Bachmann purchase this racist merchandise? I guess we know what they mean when they call it the "Values" Voter Summit.