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In the past week, Betty McCollum has been active on the floor of the House of Representatives renaming post offices, defending the Comprehensive Energy Bill, commemorating Constitution Day, and addressing the financial crisis.

In the relatively boring but important category, McCollum was touting the passage of post office tributes. Included amongst them was one in North St. Paul in honor of former mayor Bill Sandberg.

McCollum also took some time out to express her support for the recently passed Comprehensive American Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act. You know the one that increases offshore oil drilling that Republicans promptly opposed!

On September 17, she spoke about Constitution Day:

Fun Fact: I force my students to memorize the Preamble to the Constitution and have them recite it once per week every week for an entire quarter! They love it...

This week, McCollum addressed the financial crisis and urged President Bush to address a joint session of Congress. Don't hold your breath Representative:

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