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Many people (including my father who listens to entirely too much right wing talk radio) have fallen for the right wing propaganda that Michele Obama does not love her country or just recently began loving her country. Now, with rhetoric similar to that from the mouth of John McCain, will the right be equally as outraged that it took so long for him to love America. I wouldn't hold your breath...

Is Michele Obama patriotic? YES

Is John McCain patriotic? YES

Now, can we put this foolishness away and stop questioning the patriotism of everyone.


1 Response to "When Will The Right Attack John McCain's Patriotism?"

  1. Sara On June 24, 2008 at 8:04 PM

    It is one of the most ridiculous wastes of time. If you are willing to serve your country men and women and children in anyway, you are patriotic. In this world of $4.15 gallon a gas, groceries through the roof, and fighting this confusing war, can we please PLEASE stop discussing the things that do not matter in our daily lives like patriotism. Both Michelle Obama and John McCain would have to love this country if they want the jobs they might have. I agree, Muse.