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Apparently, the McCain Campaign needs to remind Senator McCain that we hold our elections in November and NOT in January:

Good Luck, Senator McCain, on your January election but the rest of us here in the world of reality will stick with our long tradition of November elections.

Forget about the three a.m. phone call, is anybody else concerned that a McCain Presidency wouldn't know what month it was and if they did wouldn't be able to operate these new fangled machine that ring and have voices inside them? Furthermore, it's not the three a.m. phone call I am worried about but rather the three p.m. phone call when McCain is napping.
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1 Response to "Does Old Man McCain Know When The Election Is?"

  1. Anonymous On June 7, 2008 at 10:21 PM

    Classic. The opponent, of course, says, "Vote for John McCain in January. But in November - on November 4th - vote for me".