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Since its inception as the Maple River Education Coalition in 1998, the organization known today as Edwatch has worked tirelessly to undermine the work of public education and its ultimate mission is to destroy the public education system in Minnesota and the country.


  • Accessible, nonpublic education without government interference is essential to a healthy education system.

  • The most famous legislator working for Edwatch is 6th District Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann. However, here in Central Minnesota there appears to be a new foot soldier for this extremist organization whose sole purpose is to distort everything done in public education in the hopes that people will buy into their privatized education platform.

    In the short time that Steve Gottwalt has been in the state legislature, he has supported nearly every tin foil hat idea offered up to him.

    So, the question is: Who does Gottwalt work for, Edwatch or the people of House District 15A? I suspect that the majority of constituents living in the district do not buy into this type of extremist education agenda.


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    1. Gary Gross On June 23, 2008 at 8:59 PM

      Who does Gottwalt work for, Edwatch or the people of House District 15A?

      Believe it or not, Steve must work for the voters of District 15A, especially since he favored the referenda for Rocori & ISD 742.

      Something about "You'll know them by their actions" seems to apply.

      Or will you say that Rep. Gottwalt doesn't represent HD-15A because you know he doesn't???

      Steve believes that education must be properly funded but that that isn't the only important factor in determining quality in education.

      Steve was the driving force in getting increased funding for special ed in the Rocori district.

      Does that count as working for the residents of HD-15A? Or doesn't that count if he isn't a Democrat?

      The next time you start making these comments, have all your facts together, ok?