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With the onset of summer this year comes the onset of an election year campaign season the likes of which few will ever see. From our entire Minnesota House of Representatives to Congress to one of the most important Presidential Elections in recent memory, we are going to be inundated with politics throughout the summer. Locally, this will be in the form of candidate door knocking and parades across the district.

There is, however, one candidate in the area who appears to have missed the memo that this summer should be reserved for local politicking. Michele Bachmann, who has yet to hold a meeting open to the general public and who has yet to update her campaign website, has decided that rather than put her energies into winning the support of the people of the 6th Congressional District she will spend her time traveling to Washington D.C. and down to Texas in order to get her support. One has to wonder how the Republican Party feels about these trips given that on at least two of these occasions she will be attending with Ron Paul.

As these events come around (June 18-21, July 10-11, and July 24-26) you can stop by to learn more about the organization she is speaking at and wonder why in the world she isn't here in the 6th District trying to get our support.

So, for the summer I am creating a program titled, "Where in the world is Michele Bachmann?", and I encourage everyone to email me at political_muse@hotmail.com if you have information about the whereabouts of our absentee representation in Congress. Perhaps she will be in the district for a couple days this summer and we want to know about it but we would also be terribly interested in finding out how many other adventures she will be having outside of the district.