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To those of you who have fought long and hard in the hope that Hillary Clinton would become the Democratic Party nominee: I applaud your efforts as well as your commitment and tenacity but it is time to give up this futile quest and realize that your candidate simply cannot win the nomination. I have heard and read that some of you have indicated that if Hillary is not the nominee that you will cross over and vote for John McCain. You certainly have every right to do so and no one is stopping you but I am not entirely certain that a spite vote is the healthiest of decisions. One has to wonder if the feeling you will have the day after election day will be any different than the day after a long night out drinking.

I will not accuse you of being racist as some may try to do but I will implore you to take a look at Barack Obama and realize that his positions are not all that far removed from those of Hillary Clinton and a spite vote against Obama looks like a personality based vote because of those similarities. If Hillary were in the lead and Obama was still running a slash and burn campaign such as this you can bet that I would be requesting the same of him. Also, if Hillary were the nominee I would have no problem supporting her.

Certainly, Obama has work to do to convince you that he is the right choice to be President but at the same time you must allow him that chance. You should not simply dismiss him as that guy who stole the nomination from Hillary but rather as the guy who came out on top of a hard fought campaign between like minded individuals.


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  1. Gary Gross On June 2, 2008 at 11:18 PM

    Frankly, Barack Obama isn't qualified to be president. I've paid attention to his speeches. To call him a blithering idiot is to disparage blithering idiots.

    When Obama said that he'd meet without precondition with Ahmadinejad so that they could find common ground, that sounded pretty. The trouble is that it isn't possible to find common ground with someone who wants to eliminate Israel.

    What will Obama do to increase oil supplies & drive down the cost of a gallon of gasoline? Please don't tell me fund alternatives because we can't get enough alternatives to replace oil.

    I'm sick of this idiot saying that we can't drill on federal lands or off our coasts or in ANWR but then blaming BIG OIL for the high price of oil. The price is high because Bill Clinton worried more about THE ENVIRONMENT than he cared about natural resources lurking beneath the surfaces.

    Don't expect Barack Obama to be the next president. He doesn't understand blue collar people. The only thing he's good at is delivering flowery speeches.