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Every now and again I find people discovering this blog because they are searching for names from the global warming denier petition released about a month ago. However, this morning I discovered that one of the names on this list of global warming deniers, one Allan Kehr, is running for office as a Republican in Minnesota House District 7B.

From Minnesota Brown:

Meantime, Allan Kehr is running for the GOP nomination. The DFL index in this district runs 3-1, though, so Kehr has his work cut out for him. He has shown the political instinct (or possesses the dumb luck) to get his name out there the same day as the Jaros retirement announcement, though. Reinert will have a huge advantage if he gets his name out as the first high profile DFL candidate.

So, the question remains: Is this the same Allan Kehr that lent his name to a petition denying the existence of anthroprogenic global warming?

Will someone be asking Mr. Kehr about this issue?

How will this affect his chances in a district that is strong DFL?