Those that know me or who have spoken with me for more than five minutes are well aware of my love of politics and political discussion. If I could spend all day every day studying about, writing about, and teaching about politics I would jump at the chance. From policy wonk discussions to the strategy involved in political campaigning, I cannot get enough of the stuff. Well, until now that is...

I have officially reached the point at which I no longer care about the Democratic nominee for President. The day has finally arrived when there is no excitement left to be had for a political campaign nearly a year and a half old and one in which we as Democrats have been ripping each other limb from limb. At this point I don't care if Hillary stays in nor do I care if Barack is connected to a lunatic pastor that may or may not hate America.

Here's Why:

Reason #5
: I don't care about Jeremiah Wright or any of the things he says, has said, or has thought about America. If I have to hear one more time about how this man represents everything that Barack Obama stands for it just may cause a brain hemorrhage the likes of which few have ever seen. What I do care about are the principles and policy positions of one Barack Obama. Nothing more and nothing less! In all the things I have read and all the things I have heard from the man, he simply does not hold the views espoused by Wright and don't give me the line that he has been in the man's church for 20 years because remember, I NO LONGER CARE. If you really believe that every parishioner of every church believes everything their pastor believes, then you are as delusional as Wright was in some of his diatribes.

If the Republican Party really wants to have a battle of the crazy pastors we can have that battle. For decades their party has not only associated itself but married itself to the likes of Pat Robertson (see his comments on Dover, Pennsylvania), Jerry Falwell (see blaming 9/11 on feminists, gays, etc.), James Dobson (see his vitriolic attacks on gays). Let it be known that I don't care about your wacky pastors who condemn America for all its "liberal" sins so if you could please get off my wacky pastors back for condemning America for all its "conservative" sins I would be eternally grateful.

Reason #4: While they say that no publicity is bad publicity, I daresay that the person making that claim has never experienced what can only be deemed incessant publicity. Incessant publicity about every last word that two individuals have spoken over the past 5 months will inevitably turn the brain into a soft gooey lifeless lump of jelly. I long for the days when, at the very least, we had crazy Dennis Kucinich and mind numbingly boring Fred Thompson to break the monotony of Obama/Clinton.

Reason #3: I do not care which candidate has gotten the endorsement of which superdelegate. The fact of the matter is that if you are basing your vote on the endorsement of some high profile figure, then you really ought to just offer up your vote to that person so that you no longer have use your own brain to make a decision about a candidate. Also, if you are still undecided about who to support, then you are truly so wishy washy that you rival the likes of Charlie Brown and no longer deserve the right to vote.

Reason #2: If I have to hear one more time about how I am secretly a misogynist because I have the gall to support Barack Obama over the first viable female candidate, then I just may have to become a misogynist just to spite the people making those claims. They are no more valid than the claim that everyone not supporting Obama are secretly racist. I understand that this is the only means left for the media to garner interest in the Obama/Clinton snooze fest but at this point I just don't care anymore. Are there racists and misogynists out there? Sure, but I no longer give a flying f*** who they are or are not supporting.

Reason #1: Please, for the love of all that is holy in this world, STOP DEBATING THE VAGARIES OF A OBAMA/CLINTON OR A CLINTON/OBAMA "DREAM TICKET". I believe we have exhausted the many permutations of why each should or shouldn't choose the other to be their running mate and if it continues to be discussed ad nauseam I just may take an ice pick and jab it in my ears!

If there are people out there that still give two hoots about this race, please let me know how you have sustained your enthusiasm because frankly, I don't get it. This certainly does not herald a party switching moment for me because John McCain is so old and uninspiring that I can barely stand to listen to even his brief rambling stump speeches. However, if this insanity continues I am afraid I may end up doing something really crazy like voting for a Political Muse/Blueman Presidential ticket.

So, now that I have had my rant, you can have yours in the comment section. Go ahead, let the rehashing begin...

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  1. eric zaetsch On May 15, 2008 at 7:42 AM

    Hey, guy.

    Edwards just endorsed Obama.