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A while back I had the pleasure of having a sit down with Rob Jacobs, DFL candidate for House District 14A. In that conversation I asked Mr. Jacobs if he had created a campaign website and he indicated that it was in the process and would be soon in coming. Unfortunately, I have been absent from the blogosphere and have so far been unable to check back in with the Jacobs campaign. It appears that, in my absence, Mr. Jacobs has gotten his site up and running.

Check it out...

Jacobs is an active volunteer in the community as well as within his church community. He is also an AFSCME member and President of his local. The credentials he offers (including the fact that he is a Pro-Life Democrat) the district are far more moderate and common sense approaches to the issues facing District 14A than the current representative, Dan Severson, can offer. From reading into the site a little deeper you quickly find that Jacobs is not about to shy away from taking on Severson this fall.

From the site:

Our current Representative seems more interested in supporting the ideology of his party than supporting the state funding of our schools, promoting good paying jobs, or fair taxation. During his time in office our property taxes have increased a whopping 82%. The people of District 14A deserve a change in representation. It is time to move in a new direction!

This is Rob Jacobs uncut response to Severson's letter to the editor of Monday, April 07, 2008, submitted it to the St. Cloud Times as a letter to the editor. The letter was edited for length and published by the Times on April 14, 2008.

My name is Rob Jacobs and I am The DFL endorsed candidate for house district 14A. I need to respond to a letter to the editor in the St. Cloud Times on April 7, 2008, written by our current representative, Dan Severson. His letter, accusing the DFL Majority of not being fiscally responsible was pure political rhetoric, partisan, and even included nonsensical fear mongering: “Now our bond rating....could be compromised,” he wrote.

At issue was the bonding bill that was presented to Gov. Pawlenty. Severson was well aware of the fact that the governor has the ability to line item veto items from the bill to reduce the total bonding level it to whatever dollar amount he so chooses. There was never a threat of this bill affecting the state’s bond rating yet Severson chose to be an alarmist rather than being honest with his constituency.

Severson stated in his letter, “A statesman looks to the next generation; a politician looks to the next election.”

Such rhetoric coming from a politician that has consistently supported bonding for roads over his entire six years in the legislature, rather than the pay as you go system that was recently enacted. (Severson was very outspoken against the transportation bill) Bonding for roads is foolish, irresponsible and reckless and hardly the work of a statesman, here is why: Bonding for roads is basically a 20 year loan. In Minnesota’s climate, roads only last 10-15 years. The roads will need to be replaced before they are paid for, putting a huge financial burden on future generations. It would be like taking a 20 year loan on a car that will only last 10 years. That is what Severson has supported time and time again.

Severson has been a staunch supporter of the shifting of the tax burden to our property taxes by underfunding our cities and townships (LGA) and reducing funding for our schools, all the while chanting the “no new tax” mantra that we now know was a sham. Hardly the work of a “statesman.”

I believe a statesman is someone who will work in a bipartisan manner to get things accomplished for the people he or she represents. Severson has become one of the most partisan politicians in the entire legislature, more content on representing his party’s ideology than the needs of the people of District 14A. It is this type of extremist representation that has prompted me to challenge Mr. Severson in the November election. I look forward to debating these and other issues with him as the campaign unfolds.

Rob Jacobs, DFL endorsed candidate for the MN House of Representatives, District 14A

I wrote about this LTE as well but rather than take the high road like Jacobs does, it seemed to merit the snarkier version of Political Muse.

As I stated to Mr. Jacobs in our conversations, if there is anything that this blogger can do to help assure his victory come November, then I would be more than willing to help. It will be a difficult task defeating Dan Severson but Jacobs represents an excellent opportunity to do just that.

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