With the end of a legislative session there begins an election campaign in Minnesota to see who will control the State House of Representatives. As of now there are 85 DFL members and 49 Republican members which, unlike the Minnesota Senate, is just short of a veto proof majority. Obviously, the Republican Party will be fighting hard to keep that from happening just as hard as we should be fighting to make sure that it does happen. Right now there are three districts right in this area that are difficult pick ups but have Democrats running in them with the potential to make it happen. All they need is for people to help!

Steve Andrews (District 16B):
In perhaps the most difficult district in the state for a DFLer to win, Steve Andrews has a unique opportunity to show the people of 16B that they no longer have to be represented by the divisive and destructive wing of the conservative movement. Mary Kiffmeyer may have won the Republican endorsement but in all likelihood, Mark Olson will run as a so called Independent Republican. With this situation there is the potential for these two ultra conservative candidates to split the heavy Republican vote leaving Mr. Andrews to sweep in to office with Democrats and truly independent voters. I am confident that if given this chance, Andrews can show the people of 16B that he can be an effective voice for them in the legislature.

Andrews, though, will need the support and foot work of every single person in his district. Having talked to Andrews and knowing that he is passionate about education and reforming the way we invest in education, I implore educators in the area to get in touch with Mr. Andrews and help him so that they can finally be represented by a friend of education rather than a representative bent on destroying public education.

Rob Jacobs (District 14A):
A little closer to home is Rob Jacobs running against Dan Severson. While Severson is prone to using wedge issues in order to gain support, Jacobs is not backing down from the fight. He is mounting a one man letter writing campaign focusing on bread and butter issues that will hopefully resonate with voters concerned with economic concerns.

Joanne Dorsher (District 15A):
I haven't had the opportunity to cover Mrs. Dorsher in any detail, but was able to meet and briefly wish her luck at the Senate District 15 Convention. Having worked on the St. Cloud School Board for 7 years, she offers a wealth of education experience that her opponent does not have. While some might label this a safe district for Steve Gottwalt, it should be noted that Tarryl Clark carried the district. Also, given the way that Gottwalt treats those people that disagree with him, Dorsher should be able to highlight her ability to work with even those people that aren't in 100% agreement. I am hoping, in the coming months to reach out to Mrs. Dorsher to find ways that this blog can help her get her message out to the voters in the area.

All of these candidates need our help given that they are all in challenging areas that will likely see only minimal support from the state DFL Party. So, it is incumbent upon us locally to find ways to assist them. Whether that help is leg work, financial, or even writing a letter to the editor it is time to mobilize and bring these three seats out of the divisive wilderness and in to a world of common sense leadership.