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Before attending a Global Warming Denial Forum more than two weeks ago, I have to be honest that I knew very little about anthroprogenic global warming. That is not to say that I was a denier, because I did believe the phenomenon existed. It was a case where I trusted the experts and understood that scientists with Degrees far more advanced than mine probably knew more than I.

Since attending that forum, I have written much about that event and actually have learned quite a bit. In a strange and twisted way I have to thank the Heartland Institute and James Taylor for helping me to understand more about global warming so that I can properly discredit their propaganda. Unfortunately, if you check out the right wing blogosphere (especially here in Minnesota) you continue to find a great deal of rhetoric trying to deny the existence of a widely accepted phenomenon.

In more global warming news, Amy Klobuchar spoke on the floor of the United States Senate to discuss its affects on the United States and to call the country to action.

Later, she takes President Bush to task for his lackluster speech on addressing climate change. Her call to action includes getting this country to lead the way rather than follow with cap and trade systems, wind investments, solar investments, and investments in biofuels. Finally, Klobuchar promises to come to floor each and every week to speak about climate change legislation and the need for such legislation.

"We Can No Longer Delay!"

The newest denier technique is to claim that news about global warming has diminished as we have seen stranger weather in places like Minnesota. They take this as an "obvious" sign that global warming is not real. However, to those naysayers I offer just a few news stories from the last 30 days:


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