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In a recent interview, President Bush indicated that he had given up golf due to the Iraq War. I cannot tell you how saddened we all feel, Mr. President, that you were forced to pay so high a price for our country. It takes a big man to make the ultimate sacrifice for his country and forgo hitting a tiny white ball with a long metal stick.

Your sacrifice gives me butterflies in my stomach or perhaps I am about to throw up, it is hard to tell anymore.



2 responses to "Oh, The Sacrifice Mr. President..."

  1. taxpaying liberal On May 15, 2008 at 8:42 AM

    4000 plus parents have given their children. Bush gave up golf; over 1 million service men and women have given at least 1 year of their life’s for this war. What have the rest of us given?

    We are currently spending $5000 per second in Iraq. 40% of that goes to private contractors. What does that buy? 500 companies from 100 countries hire 180,000 people. What if we had that effort here rebuilding our schools, hospitals, universities, water treatment systems, power grid, roads and bridges?

    Osama is still free along with most of his key people and living in Pakistan. The success that was almost assured in Afghanistan is now in doubt due to our removal of asset’s to be used in Iraq. So we have given up on the idea of bringing the perpetrators of 911 to justice.

    The interest from the debt we have accumulated to fund this war cost us more than we spend on the dept of education, Health and human services, and Medicare combined.
    We have turned the country with the 3rd largest reserve of oil into a country that needs to import oil.

    Around the world America is now seen as the biggest threat to world peace.

    We now torture people.
    The Terrorist watch list was about 2000 people before 911 and is now includes hundreds of thousands of names.

  2. Copy Editor On May 15, 2008 at 9:14 PM

    But taxpaying liberal, Saddam tried to kill his daddy!