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As Ted Kennedy has learned that he has a brain tumor of the worst kind, I find myself pondering the appropriate response to the suffering of others. Senator Kennedy is a polarizing figure in the general political populace. He is loathed by some and loved by others but given this new situation what should we expect in the way of reaction out of those who would typically despise the man?

At the death of both Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford I felt sadness at the passing of two important members of our country and influential figures in our history. I may not have supported what they stood for, it was nonetheless an appropriate response to the suffering of others.

Unfortunately, it seems as though right here in the Minnesota blogosphere there are a couple people who do not hold to that principle. Over at Roosh Five, the blogger by the name of "JRoosh" indicates that the signs of a stroke are typical behavior of Senator Kennedy. While this is perhaps somewhat insensitive given the unknowns of the situation up to that point, it is by far the less serious of the two examples I have seen and I was not even going to broach the subject until I read what I read today. Over at Lake Minnetonka Liberty, a blogger by the name of "Admiral" wrote perhaps the most vile piece I have seen on any topic.

From the piece:

That's right, I don't give a damned about that privileged puke. If he lives through this term, it'll be 52 years we've had to endure that drunken hack that really hasn't done much of anything useful, and gets by riding the family coat tails. Talk about a career politician, time for you to check out, Teddy.

From "Mafia Joe" to that liberal fruit Bobby, to JFK himself (although he did have some good points about him). And let's not forget the imbecile Mike, pulled a "D-OH!" while downhill skiing, right in to a tree! R.I.P. Then there's the genius himself, RFK, Jr. What a dope! He needs to be committed to a psychiatric hospital. Speaking of psychiatric hospitals, lest we forget Rose. Also known as, "Lobotomy Rose, The Retard."

The question I have to ask is if it is really necessary at this point, when the man is going to be dealing with a horrific situation to write something as hateful as this? To not only go after a man who you disagree with politically in such a manner is disgusting in and of itself but to then extend that out and go after a relative who is handicapped shows a lack of character the likes of which few have seen.

That being said, I do not believe that this attitude represents even a significant minority of any particular group as I have read several respectful posts by people who would not typically support Senator Kennedy (see here and here). However, disgusting behavior such as this needs to be called out no matter who they are.

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  1. Anonymous On May 22, 2008 at 5:55 AM

    [crickets chirping]

  2. Political Muse On May 22, 2008 at 6:26 PM

    Gosh, crickets chirping must mean that you can go right along being hateful. Good Luck, I guess.