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Last year around this time I held my first fundraiser for this site with very few expectations about whether people would want to help me continue building the resources of this blog. By the end of that effort I was pleased to raise $215 which helped to purchase some updated video and audio equipment. With those new resources I have been able to expand the video capabilities of Liberal in the Land of Conservative to bring you events such as the first glimpse at potential 6th District candidate Maureen Reed, discussions about the recent legislative session, and even the response by Representative Marty Seifert to allegations that he is conducting a smear campaign against Representative Laura Brod.

While I did not reach all of my goals from last year, my hope this year is to continue building on the video coverage I was able to accomplish through donations from last year. Ultimately, I am working towards extensive video (including interviews) of the upcoming 2010 election contests for the 6th District, State House and Senate contests in this area, and the Governor's races.

So, take a moment and click on the Chip in button found in the sidebar, give what you can, and if possible drop me a line with any suggestions or advice on how to continue building this blog into a political force in Central Minnesota and possibly throughout the state of Minnesota.