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The Birthers, a small collection of conspiracy theorists desperate to delegitimize the Presidency of Barack Obama have been busy creating their own citizen grand jury with the hope of bringing charges against the President and presumably removing him from office.

You wanted the BIG time Obama — well, you got your wish from the Patriots at American Grand Jury. 172 Grand Jury members worked night and day for 10 days in session to hand down the presentments against our arrogant Usurper.

While I would not normally post on something as ludicrous as this motley collection of fools, it seems as though they have been in contact with our very own Michele Bachmann. Apparently, Bachmann was issued a "presentment" by the group:

5:44pm Presentments delivered to Senate Minority Leader McConnell, TX Senators Hutchinson and Cornyn, Ron Paul, and Michelle Bachmann [Emphasis Mine]

It begs the question: Why Bachmann? While the others hold some high level position or another, Bachmann stands out as a relatively low level Congressperson. Do these people believe that Bachmann is a sympathetic ear? IS Bachmann a sympathetic ear?

I sent off some emails and will update accordingly...