Maureen Reed, the first DFL candidate to throw her hat in the ring for the 6th District endorsement, attended a meeting of party faithful in Senate District 14 to introduce herself and continue the process of garnering support for what will undoubtedly become a battle with former candidate Elwyn Tinklenberg.

While I am withholding judgement at this point about which candidate to actively endorse, there were some impressive signs as Reed displayed a passion for this race that I frankly did not see in Tinklenberg even in the thick of the '08 race.

Reed will be seeking both the DFL and Independence Party endorsements because in her words, "It is going to take a marriage of those two groups plus a marriage of moderate Republicans to assure a different kind of future for the 6th District."

She is a self proclaimed moderate whose primary focus appears to be on health care and due to her background in medicine will bring a powerful voice to that debate. Other issues include jobs and the economic outlook in the area. Rather than an ideological outlook in finding solutions, Reed appears to be willing to look at ALL solutions in order to fix the problems.

Check out her introductory remarks:

Just a couple of quibbles for Dr. Reed. First, I find it somewhat disappointing that she has launched this campaign with nary a web presence to be found. If she expects to compete with the web savvy Bachmann and even with the relatively web savvy Tinklenberg, then she will need to get that up and running as soon as possible. Second, and far more important, she needs to make sure that if she is going to be using Star Trek analogies that she has an understanding of the show. She makes the claim that her campaign is traveling at warp 5 when every good Trek fan knows that warp 5 is little more than cruising speed.


2 responses to "Meet The Candidate (Maureen Reed)"

  1. taxpaying liberal On May 13, 2009 at 9:04 AM

    Not bad,

    Was there a Q & A afterwards and do you have any of those responses?
    She had 14 requests for interviews and 50 blog posts and 150 people contacted her and still has yet to set up a way for people to donate or a web page.

    I’d say she was on impulse power while the rest of us are at warp speed.
    You have the 1st post on her in a week.

    She could be good; she is very cautious and won’t make a mistake. But I suspect that victory will go to the bold in this election. She has a nice message and her 3 thymes are health care, jobs and homes.

    On the IP endorsement.
    There is a strong move afoot by the new party IP leadership to do away with cross endorsement.
    Many of the IP party activist feel that the Cross endorsement is a one way street and does the party no good and in fact harms it. So this is going to be topic number one for the new chair.
    My gut feeling is that we have seen the last cross endorsement by the IP last year.

  2. Aubrey Immelman On May 13, 2009 at 2:31 PM

    My synopsis of Dr. Maureen Reed's remarks and Q&A responses is posted at