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I haven't paid a lot of attention to the rantings and ravings of Minnesota Republican Party Chair Tony Sutton but when I heard about THIS, my only response was to giggle. Yes, that's right, giggle!

Being born and raised in the 7th District (Northwestern Minnesota) I can tell you without a lot of exaggeration that I have NEVER heard an unkind word spoken about Representative Peterson. My father, a middle of the road conservative, who rails against EVERY politician regardless of their party affiliation likes Peterson. My rather large number of farming relatives speak of Collin as if he were their neighbor (I am not exaggerating). In all my years that Representative Peterson has represented the district I have yet to hear anyone speak even the slightest ill of him. As liberal as I may be or may appear, I think Representative Peterson is great and wish he were still my representation.

Now by all means, spend lots and lots of your twin cities money trying to attack Collin Peterson for an innocuous comment and see where it gets you but as my father always told me, "you can sh*t in one hand and hope in the other and we will see which hand gets filled first".

Oh, and given that your friends at MDE screamed out about some article in the Grand Forks Herald, I would like to offer my own:


And now the state Republicans smell blood, and are waiting to pounce what they think is carrion bait.

Well, they’re wrong and it won’t work.


The Minnesota GOP, under new Chairman Tony Sutton, has taken a decidedly negative bend of recent, attacking Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, practically claiming the U.S. Senate election was stolen from Norm Coleman despite a Minnesota Supreme Court decision.

Those tactics won’t work in the 7th District.

Sorry Tony, but the 7th District doesn't work that way...