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Expressing an opinion in the local newspaper letter to the editor section is a time honored tradition that I enjoy partaking in from time to time. While I would not consider myself an expert on writing and developing these letters, I do know what makes for a completely ineffective letter.

Such is the case with this particular letter in the St. Cloud Times today:

We recently returned from a trip to the Middle East along with people from 16 other states. Several well-informed people asked me if I lived in the area that Michele Bachmann supposedly represents in Congress.

Then they said she is a “laughing stock” in the nation and must be and embarrassment to me! They said she talks but doesn’t seem to know the facts and that her sponsors must want people to be confused and not pay attention to the facts.

My answer was the 6th District and Stearns County conservatives don’t care what the rest of the country thinks of them and their representative! They really did vote that woman into office twice.

How embarrassing! Is she stupid? No, she is just singing the song her sponsors want her to do. Voters need to understand she does not stand for us, the people. Her sponsors are big business and coal and gas interests.

... Don’t hold your breath thinking she will support the North Star commuter rail project, affordable health insurance or cutting emissions.

I mean no offense to the writer of this particular work because I am certain she meant well. Unfortunately, if her wish is to see Michele Bachmann defeated (which I wholeheartedly support) then she has taken precisely the wrong tack.

Sure, she embarrasses many in the 6th District and across the country but don't just leave it at that. Tell the people specifically WHY she embarrasses her district and people across the country. Rather than end with a brief sentence about Northstar or Health Care Reform or Climate Change legislation. Give a detailed account of her embarrassing or ill informed statements on these particular issues. It will not help our cause to continue labeling Bachmann an embarrassment or stupid or a liar if there isn't ample documented evidence to back up those assertions. The letters that don't do these things only serve to solidify support FOR Bachmann as they come off as mere personal attacks. She thrives on playing a victim as evidenced by her fund raising emails:

They are reduced to hurling insults and flinging mud at those of us who are standing tall and saying: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

So, by all means, flood the St. Cloud Times and other 6th District newspapers with letters opposing Michele Bachmann but be sure that when you do it is carefully crafted and filled with the facts and ample sources to ultimately prove that this representative has done little or nothing to improve her district.