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Due to the faltering economy and various other budgetary concerns, the daily romp through the Minnesota blogosphere has been consolidated into a weekly romp published each Saturday. This new version will have five times more links and double the snark of the daily version.

As a teacher I am consistently confronted with the problem of grade inflation in our society. People are under the impression that they deserve to get an 'A' simply because they TRIED to make the right choice. While trying is admirable and one should never give up, when you try and try but are wrong over and over it may be time to reexamine the process by which you come to these conclusions. Sure, you made some tough decisions but the simple task of making a decision when that decision is so very wrong doesn't get you an 'A'. The very best you can do when trying but consistently failing is an 'F' or perhaps a 'D' if you are trying your damnedest but aren't intellectually cut out for the assignment. We as a society have got to stop heralding mediocrity and giving too much credit for simple participation...

[Photo from TIME Quote of the Day]

On to your new and hopefully improved weekly romp:

You can always count on Ollie Ox to seek out and destroy media outlets who dare spread falsehoods about Congressman Tim Walz much like a raging bull rumbling through the streets of Pamplona. As I and others have noted before, when you mess with the Ox don't be surprised when you get the horns! Although, her obsession with felines and livestock may have caused her to slip a bit this week. Also this week, it appears as though Walz wants to remain poor and even force every other member of Congress to live in poverty! I understand, Representative Walz, that YOU are used to living like a pauper given your background as a teacher but what about these other members will be unable to survive on less than $174,000?

Charlie Quimby did an excellent job this week of tearing Timmy Pawlenty and his kitchen table meme limb from limb. The idea that families or businesses would ONLY cut and not attempt to find new sources of income is entirely ludicrous. In the past six years I have been forced from time to time to work jobs in addition to my teaching duties. Yes we cut some things but we found that there were so few areas that we could cut that more income was the wiser decision.

ALERT! Tim Pawlenty is Ronald Reagan back from the dead... Also, when using a well known phrase that was not actually used by the person it is associated with, could you please come within at least a mile of using it properly? Just a thought...

So, in the past 100 years it has been a Democrat that involved the United States in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War but we are OBVIOUSLY weak on national security. When you put these words you use together, do you actually look at the order in which you put them or do you just HOPE they will fall into a coherent message? Oh, I get it, words carry little meaning for you and thus you bear no responsibility for the ones you use. Sorry, I was under the impression that words had both meaning and history behind them.

Jeff Fecke is still obsessed with that Bush fellow and is only on post #10 of what will undoubtedly be a 2,920 post journey to effectively catalogue the worst moments of the Bush Administration. Can't we just reitterate that this guy was a sub par waste of oval office space and move on?

Why is it that conservatives and George W. Bush always take pride in not following the polls? Doesn't that mean they decided to tell the majority of citizens that their opinion doesn't matter? Isn't our government based on the will of the people? Perhaps consistently telling the majority of Americans that their voice doesn't matter and you are just going to do whatever you want is the reason that you are now in the minority. Seriously folks, this post mocks itself far better than I ever could...

Chris Truscott wants a special session ALREADY? I think he just wants to see a three person tag team match between Kelliher/Sertich/Pogemiller and Pawlenty/Seifert/Senjem...

There are few things I enjoy more than seeing conservatives misinterpret the spanking they received from this past election season. Be MORE conservative and unbending in your ideology, THAT is the ticket!

You really have to giggle at the delusional fear of some conservatives to the incoming Administration. Are you scared that the Bush Administration is secretly listening to everyone's calls? NOPE, but I sure am scared that Obama was on a board once with a washed up hippy and that he will shut down talk radio even though there is no evidence to support such a claim.

That Tim Pawlenty is such a liberal commie pinko! Why won't he just cut that damned education because nobody needs know learnin'! When you believe that Pawlenty isn't conservative ENOUGH, you need to know that you are one of the fringe elements of your party. However, you should keep fighting for that TRUE conservative because it really has worked out well so far!

The six things I learned this week from skimming:
  1. President Bush is super awesome because he didn't allow a SECOND terrorist attack.
  2. How to take a report about shifting priorities and turn it into an admonishment of government in general. That one must have taken some serious time and energy to spin...
  3. I wish I had time out of my work schedule to participate in midday conference calls on how to effectively deny children the access to health care.
  4. Tommy Rukavina is a communist for keeping ALL options on the table when fixing the budget deficit...
  5. Involving the electorate in the decision making process means you are a bad legislator. Man I hate democracy SO much!
  6. When all else fails, attack Tarryl Clark with some of your patented faux outrage...
ALERT! ALERT! Aaron Brown is trying to lead another Revolution the purpose of which will be to seperate the Iron Range from Minnesota and possibly the United States itself. However, I could be wrong because I read it pretty fast...

Jeff Rosenberg got all nitpicky with his analysis of the state of state address. Really, isn't just saying the word CUTS sufficient enough for him to be heralded as making the tough decisions? It has taken considerable time and energy for Governor Pawlenty to defund sensible government thereby making it look bad enough so he can ultimately dismantle it. Can't you give the guy a little credit?

HEY, he isn't devoid of ideas! His ideas are just so devoid of common sense that it SEEMS like there isn't an idea there.

Few things warm my heart more than a nonsensical tirade in which someone claims their minority opinion as the opinion of the majority. I am no psychologist but isn't that a projection fantasy or delusions of grandeur or something like that? See, I told you it was a good principle that when all else fails, attack Tarryl Clark. GOSH, I cannot imagine who the "observer" is in this post...

In whose world is Mike Huckabee a socialist? How far down the right end of the spectrum do you need to travel in order to look at Huckabee and come to this conclusion? You guys keep throwing them under the bus and you will win for certain! I PROMISE!

HOLY CRAP, the Democratic leadership in Congress is pushing the Fairness Doctrine. Who are the magical creatures that can pass a doctrine without nary a bill in existence? Seriously, I thought Mitch Berg was supposed to be the smart one.

Apparently having someone who is gay in the military will demoralize the whole place. Really? I cannot imagine thinking to myself, "I just simply cannot fight because I am so worried that Joe is GAY". Get over it people...

At the same time, do we really have to get all bent out of shape that Barack Obama will use the word 'God' at his inauguration? Focus people, there are far more important issues with which to be concerned.

Joe the Plumber is an idiot. That is all...

I am not going to speak directly about the various posts up this week by Jeff Rosenberg. Why? Because somebody needs to find this Rosenberg fellow and kick the crap out of him. Seriously folks, this guy is making us look bad with his overly detailed analysis, his handy dandy charts, and all of the little features he keeps rolling out. Why can't he just copy and paste a bunch of stuff like the rest of us. It's time to round up the posse...

Oh, those crafty Democrats and their schemes to destroy the economy over the last eight years and then swoop in and fix the whole damn mess! Next time could you teach us how to make high quality tin foil hats? Also, Can someone please define for me the term, "conservative movie", and then explain to me what makes each one of these "conservative".


5 responses to "Weekly Romp Through The MN Blogs (1/17/09)"

  1. Jeff Rosenberg On January 17, 2009 at 4:52 PM

    With five times the links, but only twice the snark, aren't we getting a bum deal here?

    Oops, I've revealed my whereabouts to the posse.

  2. Political Muse On January 17, 2009 at 5:02 PM

    I had to sacrifice some snark. Do you know how much snark costs (My snark is a fine blend of Norwegian stoicism and nasty Scottish brutishness)? It doesn't come cheap my friend.

    The posse hasn't quite been organized yet. Not all of us are on the ball like yourself!

  3. Mitch Berg On January 19, 2009 at 1:28 PM

    Who are the magical creatures that can pass a doctrine without nary a bill in existence?

    People who understand how the FCC and Communications Law really works? People who've actually studied the issue (in my case because it was my first career)?

    People who read people who actually know the issue?

    As a Norwegian/Scot, I'd say you've mastered Scottish stoicism and Norwegian aggression. Keep working on it.

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