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Congress recently took up SCHIP legislation again and my favorite Congressman, Tim Walz, got up to speak in favor of the bill. Unfortunately, my representation continues to be a roadblock to providing children with necessary health coverage.

Usually, as with all things Tim Walz, I would look to Ollie Ox and Bluestem Prairie for additional information about this vote. It looks like someone got usurped as the breaker of news pertaining to Walz.

This is a continued effort to highlight the floor speeches of Minnesota's Democratic delegation in Congress. For more floor speeches, visit the MNMuseTube Page.
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1 Response to "MNMuseTube: Tim Walz (SCHIP)"

  1. Ollie Ox On January 15, 2009 at 7:50 PM

    Hmmm--we always look to you to post these MuseTubes. The service is greatly appreciated.

    As for the rest: Darn that pesky Jason B (shaking hoof in his general direction!)