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A bill floated into the Labor & Consumer Protection Division in the Minnesota Legislature today whose purpose appears to be giving those people who have subprime mortgages that are heading into foreclosure the opportunity to defer said foreclosure.

"Emergency Help For Homeowners in Foreclosure: IMPORTANT: You are eligible to have the foreclosure of your home stopped until at least (end of deferment period). The state of Minnesota recently passed a law that lets homeowners stop a foreclosure sale. To qualify, you must currently live at the home in foreclosure and intend to live at the home until the end of the deferment period. You will also need to complete and sign a special form (called an "affidavit") and provide that affidavit to us at the following address: (insert address in the state of Minnesota). There are many government agencies and nonprofit organizations that can help you complete this affidavit. For the name and telephone number of an organization near you, please call the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (MHFA) at (insert telephone number/Web site). The state does not guarantee the advice of these agencies. Do not delay dealing with the foreclosure because your options for foreclosure deferment end with the foreclosure sale."

Someone is going to have to help me out on this one because the way I read it is that there is no restructuring of the mortgage or stopping of the foreclosure so that the occupant might be able to remain in the home. It is simply to delay the occupants from being removed from the home. Aside from giving them more time to find a new residence, what is the purpose of this bill? Also, my reading indicates that there is a sunset for this bill which would mean someone applying for deferment towards the end of this act would not be afforded much time.

While it seems like a good idea, I am somewhat confused about how this will positively affect those people struggling with a subprime mortgage.