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The special Captain Obvious Award for today goes to our outgoing President. Congratulations, because it only took you five years longer than the average 5th grader to realize that declaring something completed before it actually is completed would be a great idea. Could it be that George has been using every synapse possible over the last five years to come to this conclusion thereby allowing all other issues to be ignored? It seems like a newly plausible conclusion...

[Photo from TIME Quote of the Day]

On to the daily romp:

Today must have been some sort of Michael Brodkorb discussion day today. Did so few important things happen today that we have been reduced to examining the life of a smear monger?

Some guy wants to send the incoming President a letter to ensure that immigration enforcement is humane and people are not mistreated during this process. The response from Leo Pusateri? Damn you liberals, why don't you hate more!

Are you telling me that sometimes it is the employer who is intimidating their workers and not those dastardly unions? I couldn't possibly believe that because employers by their very nature are beacons of light with nary a fault or flaw.

Of course you are going to miss HIM. Who doesn't love endless war, economic disaster, illegal spying, botched natural disaster responses, and torture?

That Mitch Berg is so clever making fun of possible flooding in the Red River Valley. What a HOOT? As I recall, when my parents and I set to work gutting our basement and were living out of a trailer that we giggled about it every day. I also recall a Republican Governor at the time who was too busy worrying about spear fishing on Mille Lacs Lake to give a damn about portions of his state being devastated. You stay classy, Mitch...

Jeff Rosenberg wants Margaret Anderson Kelliher to single handedly wrestle Marty Seifert. Is that really a fair contest?

ALERT! Dick Day is a cyborg. Not to worry though, because any cyborg that cannot beat the likes of Brian Davis cannot be too dangerous.

Why are the Concerned Women For America trying to get us all to engage in a three way?

Aaron Brown wants you to vote on what to call those strange creatures that come from the forbidden lands of Northeastern Minnesota. I vote for the Communist Coalition and would like to remind them that they are missing a member from the Becker area.

Frankly, I don't think anybody cares why you keep questioning the recount.

Don't you just love it when conservatives wonder why they cannot win elections in Minnesota and then turn around and call Minnesotans stupid. Gosh, I wonder what that reason could be...

On a side note: Blue Man is back blogging at his home base. He laid the serious smackdown on the Republican Party delusions over Al Franken and their faux outrage over the present votes of Keith Ellison and Betty McCollum. I have enjoyed hosting him here but am glad to read him wherever he blogs...