I did not catch the entire state of the state address yesterday. However, I have been able to cobble together some thoughts from the snippets I did hear and from the thoughts of others around the blogs.

As usual, Pawlenty and the Republican caucuses in both the House and the Senate are more interested in rigid ideology than placing ALL options on the table and finding the least painful combination of all those options. Nobody likes a tax increase but that doesn't mean it should be removed from consideration. Neither do people like to see massive cuts in state programs but those ought not be taken off the table either.

What we need is some targeted tax fairness in this state. To continue forcing the burden of financing programs on the backs of middle income Minnesotans is unconscionable. I am more than willing to pay my fair share but others should be required to pay their fair share as well.

Tim Pawlenty wants to continue claiming that the QComp program is a merit pay system when it is NOT and has NEVER been...

The DFL leadership in the House and Senate sent out a press release response to the Pawlenty speech. As usual, I am proud to live in the district of Senator Tarryl Clark:

"We need jobs, not slogans," said Senate Assistant Majority Leader Tarryl Clark. "The House and Senate will continue to focus on building our economy by helping to create and retain jobs while streamlining government. We look forward to seeing the governor's budget later this month and getting public input so we can get a more complete view of how his vision for the state will affect people."