Buzz Snyder, the chairman of the District 14 DFL, has a wonderful LTE in the St. Cloud Times today about the myopic priorities of Representative Dan Severson (R).

So when the Times asks my District 14A Rep. Dan Severson what his top priorities are for the current legislative session, how does he respond?

In a Sunday Times news report, he said we need to politicize the judiciary more by letting judges campaign freely, and then allow their impeachment when we don’t like how they judge.

Oh, and we need to curb the obvious epidemic of voter fraud (who knew?) by requiring state-issued picture IDs at the polls.

This is like Custer fretting at the Little Big Horn that he lost his comb in all the ruckus. Or the Titanic captain, as the last lifeboat is lowered, worrying whether there is enough caviar for the rest of the voyage.

I beseech Severson to instead focus his attention on solutions for the actual (as opposed to the imaginary) problems facing our state and his constituents.

People’s lives are being devastated daily by this economic crisis.

He is in a position of leadership. Please lead.

The best part of the whole thing is to read through the comments. Gary Gross aka "Ray4746" spent the day breaking out the talking points in defense of Severson. The echo chamber surely earned his salary today...

While I applaud the efforts of Snyder, I caution people NOT to be surprised that the guy who has been more concerned about making divorce more difficult than any economic issue would continue ignoring real issues.


1 Response to "LTE: Severson Sweats The small Stuff"

  1. Gary Gross On January 12, 2009 at 2:36 PM

    Eric, You know that saying that I "spent the day breaking out the talking points in defense of Severson" is absurd. Shame on you for that.

    Is it a talking point to cite statistics about how many people either have or are eligible for health insurance? Or is it refuting Snyder's spin? I'd suggest it's the latter.

    Was I spewing a talking point when I said that every legislator knows that their first priority is eliminating the budget deficit? That's a total no-brainer.

    Was I spewing talking points by highlighting the fact that Gov. Pawlenty actually proposed & got passed real property tax relief? I'd call that citing a worthwhile accomplishment.

    Is it insignificant that we're one of only 5 states that tax veterans' pensions? I think not considering the disincentive that gives veterans from living in Minnesota. Let's consider that they're highly trained, highly disciplined people that would fit perfectly into a high tech company.

    Is that insignificant to you?

    It's sad seeing you making such feeble & easily refutable statements.