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HOLY CRAP, the Twitter has been compromised and now there is rampant short messaging going on all over the place from the Obama twitter to the Brittany Spears twitter! I should have known something was awry when Michael Brodkorb started expressing his undying devotion to Al Franken and accusing Norm Coleman of being a rampant pornographer. I guess I just assumed that this was just another Machiavellian move to regain some sort of relevance before he descended into the depths of irrelevance as one of the three or so remaining members of the Minnesota Senate Republicans. It wasn't until Jeff Rosenberg started advocating communism that I knew everything with the twitter machine had returned to normal.

[photo from TIME Quote of the Day]

On to the daily romp:

We haven't even finished this brain aneurism of a Senate election and this yahoo wants to start predicting the fate of a re-election campaign in 2014? We have truly descended into the seventh level folks...

Leave it to conservatives to pick the most petty battle and take it to its OBVIOUS conclusion which is the complete destruction of America. I love a good melodrama as much as the next guy, but this is bordering on the farcical.

Now this from Anti-Strib... Whine, whine whine. piss moan piss moan piss moan. When other people read this stuff I wonder if they start to hear the sound of adults from the peanuts (wah, wah, wah, wah wah wah). Just curious...

There is more whining about taxes over at this other site. I wonder if Gary Gross is going to challenge this guy to a duel because he is on a tear about RHINO hunters (or something like that).

Did anybody notice that Andy Aplikowski is back in business or that he ever left? No? I didn't think so...

There is something about how Barack Obama was able to win Minnesota. Naturally, I didn't read it because I imagine it is about communism, terrorism, and brainwashing small children through the super secret Obama mind control device.

Damn you Hollywood for hating war and not towing the conservative line!

ALERT! Norm Coleman lost and is thinking impure thoughts...

ALERT! ALERT! Gary Gross stills doesn't like Tarryl Clark. Who doesn't love a good Gross rant about Tarryl Clark? I can't get enough of the delusions...

Some guy named Obermueller (obviously a super communist pen name) is going to the governmenty place in that capitol thing.

ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! Jeff Rosenberg loves the taxes. It's the fees that he is super pissed about.

Seriously? You, first of all, care that Joe Biden couldn't get into a sold out movie and second, believe that Sarah Palin would have been able to bully herself in? HOORAY, your Vice Presidential candidate would be able to abuse her power better than my Vice President.

What do the words Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and INDEPENDENT investigation have in common? Normally nothing, unless you are an uber gullible drone who will believe literally anything.

You leave up that Coleman yard sign! That will show 'em!

Finally, I know for sure that Al Franken won. Why? Obviously because MNPublius told me and those guys know EVERYTHING!

Tim Walz is sending back his pay raise. If I were him I would take it and immediately donate it to the Brian Davis campaign because then at least someone will be supporting the guy. I feel a little bad for the guy...

Some conservative cannot find very many good reasons to live in Minnesota yet he will remain and do his best to screw the whole place up anyway.

Here it is, your best blog sentence of the day: "If there is a more sorry sack of spineless shit excuse for a Senate Majority Leader than Harry "I have to borrow my balls from Mitch McConnell's handpurse" Reid, your Curmudgeon isn't sure he even wants to know about it."

Do you enjoy being drunk? Sorry, stupid question. Check out all the opportunities you have to get wasted AND talk politics at the same time.

Jeff Rosenberg is trying to teach you people about the government stuff. People are depressed enough the way it is, Jeff. They don't need you learnin' them more crap about the laws and such. Besides, if they start gettin' the smarts how will guys like you and I spread the propaganda?

LOOK! Steve Gottwalt sent out a press release describing just how irrelevent he continues to be and how his attempts to screw up have thus far been thwarted by filthy liberals.


2 responses to "Daily Romp Through The Minnesota Blogosphere (1/6/09)"

  1. Gary Gross On January 7, 2009 at 7:53 PM

    Just what delusions might those be? Furthermore, it isn't that I don't like Tarryl. It's that she's given me too many reasons not to trust her, which I've painstakingly documented.

    BTW, I've notice that you haven't published what she said at the Health Care Forum last January. You know where she said "Hey, there's Gary Gross. He hates me."

    She's a cheapshot artist, pure & simple. In January, 2007, she told me that they'd hold oversight hearings to identify wasteful spending. They didn't hold any such oversight hearings during session.

    Now suddenly, she's talking about going through the budget line item-by-line item. After 2 years of not giving a shit about how much money they pissed away, now she cares? How convenient.

  2. eric zaetsch On January 8, 2009 at 6:58 AM

    Aside from that Gary, what do you have against her? She doesn't feed Jason Lewis, like some do.