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The year is barely two days old and Hillary Clinton has already taken her 2009 "I'm a PSYCHO" picture. What is she doing? Did that guy on the left try to shove her off the stage? Is she trying to blow down a building with her super breath? Is she challenging someone to a fight? You be the judge...

Feel free to add your own captions in the comments.

[Photo from Orlando Sentinel]

On to the daily romp:

How do you know it is a slow news day? When the blog for MPR liveblogs one of the programs created by MPR.

The great purge of the Republican Party continues. I, for one, couldn't agree more with this assessment. A purified party will do wonders! Incidentally, I have stood on 'principal' before and can tell you that they really don't appreciate it when you do that. I recommend standing on 'principle'.

Let me get this straight: The United States Senate declares that it will not seat ANYONE chosen by Blagojevich BEFORE he chooses a black man and that makes them racist on the level of George Wallace? Well that analysis is just SUPER! Is it at all ironic that this pearl of wisdom comes from the party that is thinking of making its leader a guy who promotes a song titled 'Barack the Magic Negro'?

It's a good thing Aplikowski sent out an update that his blog is ok and everyone should calm down because I was starting to get concerned. Where would I go for incoherent ramblings about Michele Bachmann being super awesome and how Democrats are destroying America?

ALERT! Michael Brodkorb is a thug but we should keep him around because his thuggery is directed at Democrats... (or did I miss this point of this Republican hissy fit in fighting?)

PZ Myers won an award for being a bastard about some cracker that people believe represents the flesh of some religidude. Hooray, Mr. Myers!

With all due respect to my friend, TwoPutt, can we please stop our pissing and moaning about losses in 2008 and keep our eyes focused on not screwing things up in the future?

Dear Jeff Rosenberg,

I love the snark. However, if you don't stop denegrating the traditional role of soup in our society with its heterogenous mixtures you are going to go straight to soup hell! We refuse to recognize the existence of homogenous soup because it is just plain WRONG!

Apparently all the wacky Christians (as opposed to the vast majority of sane Christians) are threatening to pull their kids out of public education. YES! Now my super awesome liberal indoctrination machine can move ahead full force...


2 responses to "Daily Romp Through The Minnesota Blogosphere (1/2/09)"

  1. eric zaetsch On January 5, 2009 at 2:46 PM

    Edge of the subway platform. Train coming. Somebody gave a nudge, wanting her seat.

  2. Aubrey Immelman On January 7, 2009 at 5:27 PM

    One Kennedy conspiracy theory is enough. I say full frontal snow angel on a snowy New Year's Eve in Times Square.