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In college I was a bit of a smart ass (fine, I am still a smart ass). One day a friend of mine asked me something about women's history presuming that I would know given that I was majoring in history. Being my usual self, I provided her with an entire detailed chronology of women's history:
In the beginning, there was Eve.

Then, for a long time nothing happened.

Then, women got the right to vote.

It has been all down hill from there!
I don't think this particular female friend or my uber liberal feminist theatre professor appreciated my wit. But it was funny nonetheless!

This image reminded me of that story...

On to the daily romp:

Good Lord, Gavin Sullivan got a hold of Erik Paulsen and tattooed him. I met Gavin once but didn't take him for a vigilante tattoo artist.

So Anti-Strib is pissed about something. You can be sure that it is the fault of some dark skinned people or the poor. Seriously, I have long ago given up trying to explain this collection of racist misfits and have taken to merely laughing at whatever ludicrous notion they have to offer.

Normally I wouldn't care what they have to say at the Kool Aid Report because rampant cursing under the guise of humor is really just juvenile but THIS is funny.

ALERT! Union intimidation BAD. Employer intimidation A OK.

Those bastards in the state legislature (obviously code for Democrats) are trying to get YOUR input into potential solutions for the budget deficit. How DARE you engage the electorate!

It looks like the last seven young Republicans in the entire country have banded together to form their own little organization. Perhaps we could create some sort of protected status so that this endangered species might one day thrive. Send your donations to the Endangered Young Republicans Fund...

ALERT! ALERT! Start practicing your ayes and watch more hockey because we are joining Canada. The upside is that we will have way better beer!

Well isn't it obvious what we need to do in order to rebuild the Republican Party for the future? We must simply look to the past and try to revive Ronald Reagan. It certainly makes sense to me...

Is there anything better in this world than the soft undertones of racism? It takes a great deal of talent to be a subtle racist...

Join with TwoPutt and the rest of the communists at some event dubbed the Blue Ball on January 24th. Seriously, I am considering going because frankly, TwoPutt RULES and what self respecting guy wouldn't like to attend a Blue Ball!

Jeff Fecke is embarking on an ambitious 2,920 post journey to detail the worst moments of the Bush Administration. Good luck, Jeff but I fear there is not enough time left here on Earth for such a detailed list.