I caught this little piece of 2010 election news in my google reader today:

Severson ponders secretary of state bid

SAUK RAPIDS — Rep. Dan Severson of Sauk Rapids has filed the paperwork to explore a run for secretary of state.

Severson would be seeking the Republican nomination to challenge DFLer Mark Ritchie, who was elected in 2006.

While I hate to pile on this early, it seemed like a good time to take a little stroll down Dan Severson memory lane. What have I learned about Representative Severson in the past year and a half?
To top it off, there are the numerous reports that come to me from unrelated sources indicating that Severson is really just the face and his wife truly wields all the power from behind the scenes. So, we have a guy who appears to hate Mexican Americans, Arab Americans, and homosexuals and we are supposed to entrust him to keeping elections fair and ensuring that ALL Minnesotans have the right and opportunity to cast a vote? I don't think so...

Learn more about Severson and stop back from time to time as 2010 elections near...