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By Jeremiah Liend

So I’m watching CNN, because I like pain, and this commercial comes on. This lady is shopping and her son comes up and asks to get a book, and she says, I’m afraid not, it’s not in budget, and the child is sad, but he knows that they cannot afford this book. Then the lady looks at the camera and says that there is legislation on the floor to put taxes on juice drinks and soda, and that working class families can’t afford anymore taxes.

My response; Don’t feed your kid soda. I sent a letter to the editor of our local paper months ago suggesting that if we are going to instate taxes on smokers we should tax the hell out of soda, and for once the system appears to be listening to me. Real juice will not be taxed, just the ones that have 1% fruit juice with the rest being high fructose corn syrup. Delicious corn syrup. Years from now my tax dollars are going to be paying for your kids diabetes because you are apparently unaware that Coke is not good for you.

Where is this coming from? Republicans? Soda advocates? Do the Pepsi people have lobbyists? Soda is a multi-million dollar industry, and if we can pay for children with spina bifida to get surgery because your son or daughter just HAS to get some Mountain Dew, then good. Great. The system works.
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