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I regularly hop over the political divide into the realm of conservative political blogs for reasons of research but also because, frankly, some of them are interesting and well written. One of those conservatives that I visit almost daily, Mitch Berg, is regularly vilified by those on my side of the aisle and on many of those occasions I have thought those attacks unfair.

However, it is hard to defend Berg when he posts something like this:

And the realization that Minnesota, even its vast hinterland, wasn’t as safe as it used to be helped erode support for the DFL’s traditional “catch and release” policies, and built support for reform of Minnesota’s paternalistic, racist handgun permit laws over the following decade. [emphasis mine]

While this piece taken alone appears to be nothing more than the regular old line about how Democrats are soft on crime, it is important to realize that this attack was written into a post that began as a very thoughtful post about the twenty year anniversary of the Jacob Wetterling kidnapping.

You know, Mitch, when you cannot even put away the partisan blinders for a touching piece on a tragic event such as this one you come off like an ass. So you stay classy Mitch...