So this is perhaps less of an episode of Gross Inaccuracies and more of reminder to Gary Gross about the things he conveniently left out of his most recent hit piece on Tarryl Clark.

Apparently now you only have to be in the room with single payer advocates to be counted as one of them:

I’ll clear up Tarryl’s supposed indecision surrounding the public option. I attended a health care forum that Tarryl called at St. Cloud’s Whitney Senior Center. Tarryl’s special guest that night was Sen. John Marty, the most outspoken and consistent advocate for single-payer health care.

From the outset of the event, the focus of the conversation was almost exclusively about Canadacare and single-payer health care.

As you will recall, Gary, I too was at this event and if we used your logic we might also have to wonder if Representative Gottwalt (who was also there) is a single payer advocate. Oh but wait, I actually took some video of the event and put it up on youtube. Let's review what Clark said about health care reform:

Weird, for all your guilt by association rhetoric, I don't hear Clark saying anything one way or the other about single payer health insurance. But this isn't the best part of the Gross attack piece. He brings up this little exchange:

From the outset of the event, the focus of the conversation was almost exclusively about Canadacare and single-payer health care. Loretta Linus spoke enthusiastically, though a bit combatively, about CanadaCare:

“The doctors are wonderful. You get good care. And it just makes me mad when they talk about how they have to come over here to get good care & that’s not true. Now they say that Canadians have to come over here for good treatment. Well don’t you believe it. Don’t you believe it one bit. That government is so good to all its people. I don’t care if you’re rich or poor. They take care of you. And so many of the people come & they talk crap about how awful their system is. Well, don’t you believe it. Single payer is wonderful if it’s run right.”

She wasn’t the only single-payer advocate to speak that night.

Hey Gary, did you let your readers know what your good friend Steve Gottwalt was doing while this elderly woman expressed her opinion to those people who you consistently claim "work for we the people"? Oh, let me remind them:

Your "adopted representative" immediately began smirking, raising eyebrows, and generally mocking this woman and her opinion. That's right, while a constituent spoke, your "adopted representative" sat there and immediately dismissed her opinion. In fact, he did more than that. He took it one step further and openly mocked her to the audience WHILE SHE SPOKE! Given that this is completely acceptable to the Republican Party in St. Cloud due to the endorsement it received from local party leadership, I wonder why you didn't include this little exchange to your hit piece on Clark.