I noticed today that Representative Bachmann sent out a fundraising blast (obviously because she was scared into it by the fundraising numbers of Tarryl Clark):

Send them a message they simply cannot ignore. Make a contribution today to the woman that drives the Left CRAZY. Please give what you can to show Washington that Michele Bachmann stands for the Constitution and she stands for the People! Help her stand strong against the Left’s march toward socialism!

As a member of the left I can assure you Representative, you don't drive me CRAZY. It's more like the look you get from people when you have done something so monumentally stupid that they can do nothing but stare in disbelief.

Anyway, my thought is, why aren't we countering this Bachmann fundraising drive by holding a Tarryl Clark fundraising drive? Come on people, you can visit either the Act Blue page set up for Clark or you can go directly to her website. We cannot allow this Bachmann fundraising push to go unanswered...