So did you catch these tweets from our good friends Marty Seifert and Paul Kohls this past weekend?

Well that seems pretty innocent, another gubernatorial forum hosted by some candidate running for the state legislature.

Yes, but it was hosted by JEREMY LINDMAN!


Oh, perhaps you didn't hear that this particular Republican candidate for the state legislature is also a CONVICTED FELON.


Yes, a convicted felon. Didn't you read about it in the Star Tribune and on the blog of Dusty Trice?

Jeremy Lindman is running for the Legislature, hosting a Republican gubernatorial forum and trying to get a felony removed from his record.

Let me get this straight, the Star Tribune broke this story on Friday and a full two days later Paul Kohls and Marty Seifert were tweeting about being in attendance with a CONVICTED FELON?


So does their attendance at said forum mean that they have also ENDORSED a convicted felon?

That's a good question. Perhaps Ms. Stassen-Berger will do a follow up and find out whether the Republican Party of Minnesota is in the business of allowing convicted felons to run for office as official Republican candidates. While she is at it, perhaps she can do more than simply repeat Mr. Lindman's version of events...

Do you also wonder if they called it the Felony Forum?