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A couple of weeks ago over at Bluestem Prairie, Sally Jo Sorensen took a look at potential birtherism within the ranks of the Republican Party in the 6th Congressional District. In particular, Sorensen questioned whether a member of the Executive Committee here in SD15, Leo Pusateri, was in fact a birther.

I deciding to spend a little time chasing it, hunting it down. In fifteen minutes of browsing, I found that conservatives in Minnesota did indeed show interest in the topic. Take, for instance, blogger and Senate District 15 GOP Secretary Leo Pusateri.

There are other examples in the state. Read about Mr. Pusateri's interest in the controversy and that of other two other conservative Minnesotans below the fold.

Mr. Pusateri  currently blogs at Psycmeister's Ice Palace and Freedom Dogs, as well as cross-posting at True North.

He's brought up questions about Obama's birth certificate a number of times. Here's one such post, from his personal blog in  July 2008begins:
It appears that Obama's alleged birth certificate has been deemed a forgery, calling to question whether Obama was born in the United States, which would be a Constitutional prerequisite for his ability to legally run for President.
In a February post at Freedom Dogs, he wrote:
A cultural and spiritual awakening...is this why the agenda media were willing to overlook and/or gave short shrift to many of the Obama scandals, from his friendships with Tony Rezko, Rev. Wright and William Ayers, to the flak over his birth certificate?
That should give readers a flavor of his take on the matter.

Well, let us add another tidbit to that collection of evidence:

I really have to wonder who is running the Republican Party around here and if the general populace knows that they could potentially be voting for this level of crazy. Does the rest of the Executive Committee in SD15 believe that President Obama was not born in the United States? Would they be willing to come out in opposition to Mr. Pusateri and his tin foil hat viewpoint?