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So there is this brand new blog in Minnesota that is all the rage. The build up to the big roll out has been dramatic due in no small part to Dusty Trice pimping himself out all over the Twitterverse.

It is particularly amusing to see that Mr. Trice has chosen Norm Coleman and Michele Bachmann as his subjects of choice. I hate to rag on Trice so early in his blog career & I certainly don't want to pick a fight with a self described political ninja (I tried that one time and got the beat down) but is this really what we have been holding our breath for? Another examination of just how crazy Bachmann is and more content about the Coleman v. Franken story. Perhaps you could also do some stories on how the grass seems to keep growing and the Earth continues to spin dutifully around the sun (although that one might be disputed by conservatives).

As I am little more than a blip in the blogoverse and Trice probably already has many more readers than I do this message will probably fall on deaf ears. However, could we please stop fooling ourselves into believing that Dusty Trice is shiny and new? It's the same old political topics of choice for liberals in Minnesota repackaged.

On to the weekly romp:

When will our friend from the southern district realize that the true emotional health of the 6th District has much to do with its inversely poor mental health? It is quite easy to be emotionally healthy when one is living with the delusional belief that Michele Bachmann is an effective and honest representative.

Those damned communists are at it again trying to beat down the wealthy who so generously grace us with their presence on this Earth! These are people we should be treating as demigods. Unfortunately, the filthy communists are trying to lift up those lazy poor people instead of forcing them to lift themselves up by their bootstraps. Don't they realize that the demigods amongst us will trickle down upon us all the wealth we will ever need (although they will decide in their infinite wisdom how much we "need").

The DFL proposes deep cuts across the board and conservatives whine. The DFL proposes tax increases and conservatives whine. Let's play what do these two sentences have in common...

I do so love when people take a historical event, entirely misinterpret its meaning, and use it as a clarion call to organize the equally uninformed masses. Just to review, the Boston Tea Party was an organized effort to protest a trade deal foisted upon the colonies by Parliament that would have taxed them without their representation despite the fact that it actually lowered the price of tea. Just because you lost an election doesn't mean you don't have representation! Perhaps you should stick to hating brown people and obsessing about mythical literary figures rather than trying to interpret history.

Don't you realize that those aren't earmarks? They are requests for already appropriated monies to be spent on a particular project within the district. Huge difference, HUGE!

Isn't it nice to see the conservatives claiming that we DON'T need to form militias and begin an armed revolution. What a calm and level headed group. Although I might question sanity of my ideological brethren if a post such as this is necessary. I'm just saying...

Here are some things I learned from Freedom Dogs:
Those damned Democrats! How DARE they go out and actually TALK to people about the agenda put forward by President Obama. Damn you communism, DAMN YOU! It just chaps my hide when people try to organize others.

I have come to realize that this site is the perfect example of the rugged individualism expressed by the conservative movement. Chocked full of original content, he strives to make success for himself rather than riding the coattails of others.

If you haven't begun reading Lake Minnetonka Liberty, then you are really missing out. Where else can you learn the following things:
Come on, wouldn't it be more economically viable to make road construction and bridge building a part of the private sector. Why do I need the government directing where a road should or should not be? This is about the freedom to build my road wherever I damn well please!

Republicans would NEVER restrict access to the media, would they? It's not like they would hold a district convention and keep ALL media from recording the events. Right?

WHAT! Tim Pawlenty is running for President? Now there is some hard hitting investigatory journalism...

Wait one hot minute! Are you telling me that if we were to let business do whatever they want, then they will, in fact, do whatever they want and may not act as the beacons of virtue that free marketers assume they will be? SHOCKED, I tell you, SHOCKED!

Well that was quick. It only took the folks at MNPublius a week to indoctrinate Jeff Rosenberg and change him from a great analytical writer to one spouting useless rhetorical crap. Poor Jeff and his handy dandy graphs gone forever...

Why does it take so many words for you to simply say, DAMN POOR PEOPLE?

I certainly would scared if I were a member of the Olmstead County DFL. Why? This guy is an absolute EXPERT at copying and pasting stories from across the intertubes. Those are some serious skills...

Why does Leo Pusateri hate Christianity so much?

This week in Andy Aplikowski hilarity (it's been a fun one):
So I discovered this week that both Mitch Berg and I are from North Dakota. That being said, let me state that the views expressed by Berg DO NOT necessarily reflect the opinions of most or any North Dakotans!

Hey, you leave King Banaian ALONE! He is an economist you know and is therefore above criticism. It's not as though he uses his position as an economist to push conservative ideology!

ALERT! The Republican Party of Minnesota is dead. Here I thought it was just void of ideas and filled with vitriolic characters with no real leadership value. Had I known it was actually dead I would have been slightly more sympathetic.

So Drew Emmer really hates all the government spending and highlighted this: Big Lake is getting $500,000.00 for their regional ice arena. Should we tell him that it was requested by Mary Kiffmeyer (R)?


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  1. Blue man On March 19, 2009 at 8:07 AM

    You're weekly romp is one of the best things about the Minnesota Blogosphere!

    Keep up the awesome snarky work Muse!

  2. Anonymous On March 20, 2009 at 10:44 PM

    WHAT DOES Upholding U.S. immigration laws have to do with hating "Brown People."

    _ A Non Y Mouse