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I noticed an interesting piece in the Star Tribune Politically Connected Section. Titled, GOP Sen. Vitter tries to eliminate automatic pay increases for Congress, I have to wonder if the writer realizes that Senator Vitter is a little late to the game.

Nearly two months ago, Ollie Ox at Bluestem Prairie detailed legislation cosponsored by Representative Walz and others that would do this very same thing.

There are other members of Congress turning those raises down, Mr. Zea, and they are seeking to block another automatic raise in 2010. It's just that in Minnesota, you'll have to read obscure regional bloggers (and the Minnesota Independent) to know that.

Last month we posted an entry about how Congressman Walz [was] to continue returning pay raises to U.S. Treasury, just as he did in 2008. The Minnesota Independent picked up on our post in Walz returns congressional raise, again. A Worthington area resident spoke up on January 7 in Worthington Globe LTE: Walz won't be taking a pay raise and a Sleepy Eye resident's LTE to the New Ulm Journal about Walz turning down the raise was published on January 10, before Mr. Zea's epistle.

So how is it that Senator Vitter gets so much credit for coming two months late to the ball game?