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And ALL in the same night...

Via Think Progress and my good friend Blue Man, it looks like Bachmann has stepped in it once again. This time over her apparent on again off again relationship with earmarks. You may recall that last year Bachmann was asked by several St. Cloud officials to sponsor an earmark to rebuild the DeSoto Bridge after inspections revealed gusset plate wear similar to that found on the I35W Bridge. Her answer, NO BRIDGE FOR YOU!

Now it appears that even though she is touting her opposition to earmarks she is requesting them anyway. Via Blue Man:

The truth:
In fact, according to Legistorm, Bachmann has requested 7 earmarks in Fiscal Year 2008 costing tax payers a total of $3,767,600. Some examples:

- $94,000 for Sheriffs Youth Program of MN
- $335,000 for Equipment Acquisition for Northland Medical Center
- $803,000 for Replacement Small Buses, St. Cloud Metro Bus
These aren't earmarks to be distraught over. It would appear that these are legitimate needs for the district, yet Bachmann flat out lies about the earmarks.

While I completely agree with Blue Man, I have a slightly different question: If you were requesting these earmarks last year, then why did you also decide to deny the request to rebuild a bridge that represents major infrastructure within your district?

Could it be that you thought these other projects were low profile enough that you could get them under the radar whereas the bridge was high profile and allowed you to play hypocrisy politics with your constituents?

Which brings us to tonight's awards...

On 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with David Shuster, Bachmann got an honorable mention on the nightly hypocrisy watch for her love/hate relationship with earmarks:

On Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Bachmann received a "Worse Person" award for that same hypocrisy:

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  1. Aubrey Immelman On March 15, 2009 at 7:50 PM

    I have a wrap on the Bachmann “Pork No-Pork” story on my St.Cloud Times "Bachmann Watch" blog.

    Here's the link: The Princess of Pork

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    H/T to Political Muse, Blue Man, and Dump Bachmann.