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So during my nightly relaxation time in which I nerdily browse around the internets for stories and interesting dirt I happened upon this video created by Eric Kleefeld at Talking Points Memo:

I was a little taken aback when I noticed that the middle video segment was from the debate I posted back in October of '08. Unfortunately, there was no credit given so my obscurity continues unabated...

Although, I was quickly forwarded an email indicating that Mr. Kleefeld had attempted to give credit by emailing the folks at Dump Bachmann where the video was also posted. So, we will see if there is any subsequent follow up...

UPDATE: So, here I am with a little egg on my face! Had I been paying attention rather than peering in awe at the utter stupidity of Michele Bachmann I would have seen that my LitloC Youtube account was in fact credited within the video. Thank You, Eric Kleefeld, for clearing things up and for making me feel slightly more famous than I was when the day began.