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A couple days ago I wrote about yet another objection to the Crown Hydro Project. In addition to that I have begun providing the names and contact information for those elected officials closest to this situation.

Local Legislators:

Linda Higgins
Bobby Joe Champion

Park Commissioners:
Jon Olson: 612--230-6443 #2

Now Two Putt Tommy has provided a further call to action by continuing to point out that this project fits perfectly into the renewable energy vision of President Obama.

It's interesting to look at President Obama's agenda, on the White House website; "Energy & Environment". They are not mutually exclusive, according to our newly elected President; the newly elected President that won in each and every Minneapolis precinct - in some precincts taking over 87.6% of the vote. While President Obama talks about the macro (the need to develop renewable energy on public lands to reduce dependence on foreign energy sources), local Minneapolis residents focus on the micro ("not in MY back yard!!!"). We are in a crisis; a crisis of unemployment and dependence on foreign sources of energy. The Crown Hydro Project has jumped through every regulatory hurdle, save one: negotiating and inking a lease with the Minneapolis Park Board - which, due to political pressure from those that think they alone know what's best for everyone else, refuses to do so - twice, on 4 to 5 votes by the Commissioners.

We will continue to address the objections put forward by the opposition but I ask you, the reader, to continue inquiring of these people why they support the goals of this President yet block those goals in their own back yard. Beyond contacting legislators and voicing support for legislation that could keep the lowest levels of government from blocking legitimate projects we can also begin to build support by writing your local newspapers as well as our statewide papers to ponder why renewable energy projects with no plausible objections are being held up by a small group of individuals.