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A recent tweet from SCSUScholars (On the show today, we'll ask the question, what would Reagan do (if he lived in these times)? #finalword) got me wondering about a few things.

First, isn't one of the core principles of conservatism a fervent belief in self reliance? The idea that you should be able to do things on your own without the assistance or interference from any other person or government?

Second, If this is one of the core principles of conservatism, then why is the above question about what Reagan would do asked so often? A party which prides itself on self reliance and decries the reliance on others really ought not be relying on Ronald Reagan for its ideas and solutions.

Perhaps I am missing something here but it seems to me that conservatives are oft to ridicule those who believe that we must rely on each other for our personal success yet don't even realize that they rely almost solely on someone else to tell them what they believe and what they should do.

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On to the weekly romp:

I have warned you people time and time again not to mess with The Ox! Did you listen? NOPE. Now I am not saying she will hunt you down but when she is linking to Andy Aplikowski for support of her beliefs you have to believe that she might.

Hooray, it's time to make fun of children who are strategically programmed to love Ronald Reagan and hate those evil liberals. Does it say something about the conservative movement that their newest idea makers are a fourteen year old kid and a guy who pretends to be a plumber?

That bastard President had the AUDACITY to have a Super Bowl Party? Oh, I hate him so much! I mean President Bush only partied when ONE city was under water.

You really have to hand it to the folks over at Dump Bachmann. Day after day they dive head first into the seventh level of hell to keep track of Michele Bachmann. If I cared this much about any one subject, I too would have delusional fantasies...

ALERT! When Minnesotans attend listening sessions to fight for programs that work, they are lazy whining welfare consuming communists whose opinions shouldn't matter. When Minnesotans call in to a phone number to verbally assault all things government why those are the REAL Minnesotans. By the way, I really enjoyed the prep work given to each caller and the rule that only private sector citizens were allowed to respond!

Well that SUCKS! Now who am I going to go to for direction on which people should be loathed and feared? Has Barack Obama destroyed our social fabric already that Dobson is just waving the white flag.

TRANSLATION: Stop picking on my President you meanie face!

I just cannot understand how conservatives have lost their majorities. They have done all the work of foregoing ideas for namecalling. What more do you people want? Hell, they have even made up folksy songs about how global issues can be debunked by examining localized occurences.

So the conservatives have chosen to make as the leading intellectual figures of their party a Governor from Alaska, a plumber, and a 14 year old kid? They do realize that being in the minority does not necessarilly mean they have to give up, do they?

Seriously, what is the purpose of this blog? I have been hoping and praying to one day find an original thought and not a wholly copied and pasted story from elsewhere. I am not entirely sure one can refer to oneself as heavy handed when one never uses said hand.

It is time once again for the things I learned from skimming Lake Minnetonka Liberty:
You leave those poor congresspeople ALONE! The obvious reason that they are opposed to earmarks is that the realize that they have a problem and are seeking a remedy to their illness. Call it the 12 step program for earmarking.

JUST A REMINDER TO EVERYONE: Michael Brodkorb runs his own blog and has in no way been instructed by his bosses in the Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus to feverishly attack the opposition through that blog! Seriously, this information just comes to him and is certainly not obtained through the course of his actual job. I just wanted to clear that up for everyone...

I like MinnesotaBrown and all but he writes some of the most boring crap I have read in all my life. Can't you PLEASE write something that is more mockable? Ideas include completely incendiery remarks about Republicans or Democrats in the area. Also, highly partisan rhetoric that is obviously not helpful to the overall debate would be acceptable. Just a request...

Why do poor people expect to eat more than 125 million meals per year in the first place? That seems to be an excessive amount of meals by any standard.

Well now I am just ANGRY! I was under the impression that Obama was going to bilk the rich and so I voted for him now you tell me that it just isn't true?

That silly Dave Mindeman, doesn't he know that facts and figures and nobel prize winning economists don't matter? What matters is yelling really really loud about socialism and communism and the end of freedom as we know it...

Is there anything better than faux outrage to advance your political agenda? Although I am proud to see that the usual Al Franken lovefest that typically eminates from MNPublius has given way to other, equally vapid, DFL talking points.

Dear Paleocon, do you think it might be possible for you and "Heavy-Handed" to team up? That way we would only have to visit ONE site in order to see copied and pasted materials from around the internets. Just a suggestion...

Hey buddy, you need to pick a side! We have no room in this country for people who think both political parties are abject failures. It makes it really hard to mock and ridicule you when you acknowledge that neither party is perfect, so KNOCK IT OFF!

Now Barack Hussein Obama is worse even than Hugo Chavez? Is there any way you guys could create some sort of flow chart or handbook so that I might be able to follow the conservative meme of the day? I get that he is a scary muslim who hates America but the interchangeable uses of the words Communist, Socialist, Fascist, Dictator is getting a bit muddled.

You mean to tell me that T-Paw suggested that Republicans need to begin coming up with their own ideas and stop recycling Reagan? HOW DARE HE! We don't need no stinkin' new ideas, the old worn out ones have worked just fine so far. In other news, before clicking on this link you need to make sure you picture Andy Aplikowski with his overalls and pitchfork jumping up and down because he is hoping mad. Kind of makes you giggle...

Dear Mitch Berg, stop writing about things which I am forced to agree with you on! We are supposed to be mortal ideological enemies and as such should NEVER find ourselves in agreement on ANYTHING. In other Mitch Berg news:
Two themes emerged from Minnesota Independent this week: Michele Bachmann is still an idiot & Tim Pawlenty is unpopular, hates Ronald Reagan, and loves God. Was there some sort of Captain Obvious Award up for grabs this week that I was unaware of?

Twitter, like so many other things in life, deserves its share of mockery. Excellent work! By the way, you can follow me on twitter by clicking HERE. I tweet A LOT of boring and useless crap.

It looks like Jeff Rosenberg will be bringing his handy dandy graphs and so called facts over to MNPublius. Bets will now be taken as to how long before Rosenberg can only write about how super awesome Al Franken is...

I realize that this is further proof that I am an elitist America hating communist, but let's be honest people: TATOR TOT HOTDISH SUCKS!

Are you really still pushing this meme? Really? Let's review: Your thesis is that Bush loves the military more because he gave a few high fives and Obama hates the military because he didn't. Might a better indicator be which President sacrificed fewer of our young men and women to die? I guess I would just rather be alive and forego the high five than get the high five and then be sent to fight in a senseless conflict. But hey, that's just me...


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    Don't worry. Cows can't hunt. We do, however, enjoy target practice.

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