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That's right, 13 participants.

Vice President was in St. Cloud today to discuss his middle class task force and take questions from the audience. Apparently, 13 college Republicans from the area were not keen about the idea of a middle class and organized a protest.

From the St. Cloud Times:

The group included three students from the College of St. Benedict, seven from St. John’s University and three from St. Cloud State University, said Abdul Magba-Kamara, state chairman of the College Republicans.

While I applaud the passion of anyone willing to challenge those in power, it really says something about a relatively conservative area that it can only muster 13 participants to protest a Democrat. Also, I get that you are protesting the spending but do you really think its strategically wise to protest a meeting whose purpose is to find ways to build up the middle class?

Good job college Republicans! You found a way to both show yourself as irrelevant with your weak showing and demonstrate why the middle class has entirely turned its back on your ideology with your protest of a middle class task force.

For more information on the task force, check out the White House Website...