I just visited Gary Gross's website just to "check it out" and not at all to see if there was something, ANYTHING that I could piss and moan about in regards to Gross. While I couldn't put my finger on it right away, I just KNEW there was something missing that I could in turn make political hay about.

Yes, it has the obligatory Tarryl Clark was mean to me once so I am going to whine about it even nearly two years after the fact post. There are 175 other truly hard hitting substantive articles accusing Tarryl of every "liberal" sin in the conservative handbook. There's a "Donate" button too.

Then it dawned on me. Gary doesn't have anything to whine about today so he decided to go to the old standby of obsessing about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING his arch nemesis Tarryl Clark does, says, or sometimes doesn't say.

Why won't Gary just tell us with the authority that only HE has what Tarryl believes on the not at all loaded terms "Cap & Tax" and "Pelosicare"? I would stipulate that Gary has already gone through the trouble of assuming to know what Tarryl will do when it comes to taxes so why put us through this waste of time storyline about how he just wants to see where Tarryl stands on these other issues.

Still, it is entirely possible for Gary to manufacture a list of beliefs for Tarryl because only GARY GROSS knows what Tarryl Clark REALLY believes. And that is not because he spends every waking moment obsessing about more ways to bash Tarryl. He really was just going over to peak at her website and browse around.

Gary Gross knows FOR A FACT that Tarryl Clark wants to institute that communist single payer health care stuff and he knows FOR A FACT that Tarryl Clark would have maybe voted for the Stupak Amendment but she wouldn't have liked it. He knows all this because one time Tarryl attended a forum where the words single payer were spoken! Nevermind the fact that Gary's buddy Steve Gottwalt attended the same forum. TOTALLY DIFFERENT!

Gary Gross knows FOR A FACT that Tarryl Clark would vote to destroy America because she has a 100% rating from some group.

Gary Gross knows FOR A FACT that Tarryl Clark would vote to spend every dime IN THE WORLD because she didn't have the foresight in 2007 to know that Republicans had so screwed up the financial sector that an impending financial crisis would occur in 2008.

Gary Gross knows FOR A FACT that Tarryl Clark will do whatever her union overlords tell her to do because he has been there for every conversation that Clark has ever had with a union member and all she does is say "Yes, master" to them. Nevermind the fact that she was prepared to, as a leader in the State Senate, to cut the education budget far more than even the Republicans. Also nevermind the conversation I had with her at lobby day for Education Minnesota where she told me straight out to prepare for cuts.

There are a lot of blanks that voters need to be lied to about with regards to Tarryl Clark and Gary is more than willing to help. (It's obvious that Tarryl is hiding something by not putting up an issues page).

Gary's assumptions about Tarryl's actions & priorities are way different than they are about Michele Bachmann. For Tarryl, talking to some news outlet (which is obviously a communist rag) means that she already doesn't have time for her constituents. For Michele though, having more press people than policy people and going on every conservative news outlet she can on a daily basis totally means she has time for her constituents.

Hopefully, Gary will find out soon what Tarryl puts on her issues page. That way he can stop pretending to know what Tarryl believes and then lie about it and just simply lie about it.

Stop by this blog frequently to stay updated on the next Gary Gross manufactured Tarryl Clark hit piece. I'm doing the job that Gary Gross will not tell you he is actually doing.